Milwaukee is in flames.

It’s in flames because black rioters decided that a black officer shooting an armed black man who apparently attempted to turn on police required burning of cars, looting of stores, hurling rocks at the cops, and attacking random white passersby.

Our First Black President, the great godlike figure sent from on high to unify the country on all issues racial, has gone golfing.

The sheriff of Milwaukee, a black man, has now stated that Americans ought to focus less on reforming the police and more on “fixing the ghetto” – and the media blame him for the problem.

Milwaukee hasn’t seen a Republican mayor since 1908. But the media and Democrats will find a way to blame Donald Trump, white Americans, and capitalism. They’ve been doing so for decades.

The left has been preparing for this sort of activity – virtually begging for it – since the racial conflagrations of the 1960s and 1970s. Leftists like former DC Mayor Marion Barry used to use riots and looting as a pressure tactic to force local government to cave to the leftist agenda. Now, major American cities have been turned into wastelands so that the left has an excuse to impose its big government, high-tax agenda, and blame white America in the process.

Leftist philosophy has been passed along in the mothers’ milk of Milwaukee residents. No wonder one rioter explained the motivations behind the looting thusly: “The rich people got all this money and they not like, you know, tryin’ give us none.”

This is the complete victory of the Marxist substitution of racial warfare for class warfare. In the 1960s, Marxists realized that their strategy of dividing Americans between rich and poor wouldn’t succeed; they shifted their focus to racial conflict, telling minorities that they could never succeed in America thanks to the capitalist system that would naturally oppress them. The outcome: people rioting in the streets on the basis of race while believing that it is on the basis of class.

Things will get worse, not better, thanks to the media and the Democrats. The riots will continue. Police will continue to pull out of dangerous areas, fearful that their lives will be ruined if the shoot a bad guy with a gun – the black officer in question has had to go into virtual hiding thanks to this situation. The murder rate will increase; in 2015, Milwaukee experienced the most murders it had since 1993, a nearly 70 percent spike over 2014.

People will feel victimized. And they’ll blame all the people leftists tell them to blame, rather than working with police to tamp down the crime rate and make communities livable.