CROOKED: DOJ Shut Down FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

A few weeks back, Attorney General Loretta Lynch made big news when she decided to have a media-free face-to-face with Bill Clinton, even as the FBI considered whether to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton over her private email server. Now she’s back in the news, and for good reason: according to CNN, the DOJ public integrity unit refused a request from the FBI to open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, stating that they didn’t have enough evidence.

Didn’t have enough evidence?

The State Department and Clinton Foundation clearly colluded. The Clintons used Teneo, an advisory business, as a go-between; the firm hired Huma Abedin even as Abedin worked at the State Department. Teneo’s Chief Executive Declan Kelly worked as a special envoy for Hillary at the State Department. Former Clinton Foundation head Doug Band “formed the Teneo consulting firm” in June 2011, with “Bill Clinton as the paid honorary chairman.”

And, of course, the Clinton Foundation had corrupt dealings with countries and figures all over the world, trading favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department for cash donations and speaking fees for Bill.

But that’s not enough evidence. The Justice Department, in other words, has used the Michael Brown shooting as an excuse to launch a full-scale investigation into the Ferguson Police Department – but there’s no way that there was any problem at the Clinton Foundation.


The Democrats keep claiming that they don’t know why Americans have lost confidence in their institutions; they say they don’t get why Donald Trump keeps badmouthing America. Well, you can’t corrupt every institution, including the chief prosecutorial agency of the American government, and then say that the government is America embodied, without destroying Americans’ confidence in the country.


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