Poll: Clinton Leading In North Carolina

According to a new Public Policy Polling poll, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in North Carolina for the first time since since March, 43%-41%. Libertarian Gary Johnson is pulling 7% of the vote; Green Party candidate Jill Stein is gathering 2% of the vote. When Clinton and Trump are engaged in a two-way race, she leads 47%-46%.

The key to Clinton’s lead, as has been seen in many other polls, is not a surge of enthusiasm for Clinton as much as it is the depth of Trump’s unpopularity. The last PPP poll showed Clinton underwater with her popularity numbers, at 39/55; that has barely shifted, as it is 40/55 now. But Trump’s unpopularity has soared; he previously rated 37/52; he now stands at 37/58.

Another factor reflected in the poll is the desire of North Carolina voters for more of Barack Obama’s presidency that changing to one led by Trump; 50% said they would prefer for more of Obama, than the 45% who preferred Trump.

A particularly telling statistic is that the undecideds in the poll gave Trump a staggering 1/94 ranking on favorability, although Clinton came in at 2/75.

58% of voters wanted Trump to release his tax returns; 54% thought Trump could not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

North Carolina is truly up for grabs; a recent Civitas flash poll found Trump leading Clinton, 46%-42%. The only time the state voted for a Democratic presidential nomine since 1976 was in 2008, when the state went for Barack Obama; otherwise, every GOP nominee has won the state.


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