Vandal Paints Swastika On Trump Sign

In McKinney, Texas, a female homeowner who displayed campaign signs for Donald Trump outside her home discovered one had been defaced with a swastika.

Kimberly Loyd said she started with small signs in her yards, but after repeated vandalism she placed giant Trump signs on her roof.

She wrote on Facebook, “All my landscaping lights were broken and my windmill broken. They have ripped off my Trump name I had on one of my trees and thrown eggs at the TRUMP SIGNS I personally made after the original ones I purchased at his rally were stolen. Now they have egged a friend’s car which was in my driveway last night and my garage!”

A neighbor of Loyd’s said that on Saturday, protesters who showed up at Loyd’s home were harmless, claiming, “I thought the protester did a unique job by not agitating people, but just saying, hey vote for Trump because these are the things he said, and really getting people to think about what it is they support.” Police nearby told the protesters what was allowed and what wasn’t.
But Loyd had a different perspective, stating, “I stood up and looked, and I went, there is some jackass in my yard. So I go out there, and I walk up to him, and I go, “Hey, what’s going on?”, and he decided to berate me and get in my face.”

On Saturday night, Loyd’s surveillance video caught the vandal painting the swastika on her sign, which she painted over later.


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