Drudge Trolls Clinton's Frailty; #HillarysHealth Trends On Twitter

The Drudge Report took another jab at Hillary Clinton’s health on Sunday, highlighting certain images and events to portray the former first lady as unwell. “She’s old and she’s sick,” said Matt Drudge to Alex Jones last October. Drudge described Clinton's scripted media stunts as amounting to a “head on a stick," adding, "she is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country.”

See a screenshot of the homepage below.

Left-wing CNN’s Brian Stelter was quick to challenge the innuendo, noting that the photos were from a February 24 appearance in North Charleston, SC. A description of the photo from Getty Images claims that Clinton “slipped” while walking up some stairs and subsequently needed assistance.

An operative of the Clinton-run Media Matters For America has also taken notice.

While he accused the Drudge Report of misleading its audience through decontextualization of images, it bears repeating that Stelter works for CNN as its chief media analyst. He regularly denies the existence of widespread left-wing bias favoring Democrats at his network and across the broader media landscape.

The Drudge Report set an article from The Daily Wire as its top link this past Thursday, drawing attention to Clinton’s incessant coughing and throat problems which have been noticeable since last winter.

Left-wing media has almost completely ignored questions of Clinton’s health. Also avoided is any speculation that Clinton’s infrequent public appearances and near complete refusal to appear in unscripted events are efforts to preserve a pretense of good health.

Donald Trump has mocked Clinton's low level of campaigning relative to his own several times over recent months. After carefully managed events and media appearances, Trump said, "[Hillary Clinton] goes away for five or six days and you don’t see her. She goes to sleep," adding that she "does not have the strength or stamina” necessary for the presidency.

“I’m saying she’s not strong enough. No, no, not a health issue, I say she’s not strong enough to be president. We need a president who can go 24 hours a day seven days a week — she can’t do it,” said Trump.

#HillarysHealth is now trending on Twitter.

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