Watch Judge Jeanine Lay Into The DNC And The 'Fundamentally Dishonest' Clintons

Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro used her opening statement on Saturday's show to rip the curtain off the stage of the "political theater" that was the disastrous Democratic National Convention.

In the clip (below) Pirro calls out the Left for its fake fluffy feel-good "kumbaya-fest" and its complete fairy tale of a story about how Hillary and "Bull, I mean, Bill" met and fell in love. She makes the point that even if those things were based in truth and reality, so what? It has absolutely nothing to do with being a leader.

"A leader is one who drives the economy, creates a strong national defense, and is painstakingly honest," Pirro says. "So pull your heads out of the sand and snap out of it!"

"What does this kumbaya-fest have to do with the crisis that is facing Americans today?" Pirro continues, adding that, "Like him or not, Donald Trump talks about real issues. Hillary says he paints a dark divisive picture of America in decline. But ask yourselves, are you better off? Do you feel safer than you were before these two got into power? Is America more united than it was? Are race relations better?.....Whether you like him or not Donald Trump is hitting all the right issues, asking all the right questions. .... A man who is willing to take on political correctness that is destroying this nation."

Pirro ends it hitting the Clintons hard: “Now, Hillary Clinton and her husband are fundamentally dishonest, and whether or not you buy the liar’s convention theme of stronger together, you still have to deal with the issues confronting America. So, let’s get rid of the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering and the long, white, flowery skirts that Hillary wore. It’s all political theater, folks, with lip service to unity and oneness."

"Just to prove my point, the woman jeopardizing America with her private e-mail server had her emails hacked again!" she added.

“[F]or all of you women out there who think that electing a female president will lift us all up, just ask yourself if electing an African-American president lifted up the blacks in this country or made race relations better. It’s time to face reality and the ugly truth of the world we live in and how we survive in it.”

Exit thought from Bill:

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