Quick: when was the last time Hillary Clinton held a press conference?

Would you believe last December 4?

Second question: when will the next Clinton press conference occur?

Answer: after she wins the presidency, or barring that, when hell freezes over.

As Clinton pollster Joel Benenson told ABC News on Thursday evening:

She has answered hundreds, if not thousands, of questions from reporters in one-on-one interviews. ... She has done hundreds of interviews; she's doing them every week. You're setting up a standard that Donald Trump sets up of "she hasn't had a press conference." We'll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference. There's no problem with that. But the American people hear from her directly every day. They get to ask her questions every day. And she answers questions from journalists. She's been doing interviews for months on some of the toughest issues that have come up with her.

On Monday, Clinton’s campaign press secretary Brian Fallon said, “I think you’ll be continuing to see Secretary Clinton answer questions in a variety of formats including probably press conferences before the whole thing is over. She continues to take questions on the road, do interviews, and so she’s been answering questions on any number of topics including emails and everything else for a long time now.”

There may be a powerful reason December 4 was Hillary’s last press conference.

There may be a powerful reason December 4 was Hillary’s last press conference; it is likely not a coincidence that the day after her last press conference, December 5, at the State Department’s request, Clinton gave the department just over 30,000 printed copies of work-related emails.