DNC Speaker: Pro-lifers Bothered By Empowered Women, Not Dead Babies

If you’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention at all this week, you might have noticed that, although there is much division in the party, nothing gets unified applause quite like abortion. Wednesday was no exception.

While stumping for her "champion" Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue was all smiles addressing the DNC crowd, bragging about the “empowering” experience of ending the life of her unborn child via abortion, calling it a decision of “compassion” and the exercise of her fundamental "right."

She was, of course, met with applause. Who doesn’t cheer ravenously over the murder of unborn babies? (Other than people with souls.) The abortion enthusiast went on to accuse pro-lifers of not actually being bothered by the murder of unborn babies, but rather the idea of "empowering women."

Hogue said that she chose to get an abortion because, although she “wanted a family,” “it was the wrong time.” Killing my unborn baby “was best for me,” she said.

“I made the decision that was best for me — to have an abortion — and was able to get compassionate care at a clinic in my own community. Now, years later, my husband and I are parents to two incredible children,” Hogue told DNC-goers.

Apparently, having an abortion is no big deal, and has no moral implications: “You see, it’s not as simple as bad girls get abortions and good girls have families,” she said. “We are the same women at different times in our lives — each making decisions that are the best for us."

Besides abortion is “empowering,” or something.

“If we want families to succeed, we start by empowering women,” said Hogue.

The NARAL president castigated those in the pro-life movement as opponents of “empowering women” who are not actually bothered by abortion.

“And the people who so loudly oppose abortion rights? Let me let you in on their dirty little secret,” she said, with a sick grin on her face. “They’re not only against abortions. Many of these people are also fighting to restrict access to contraception and block common sense policies to support working moms.”

“It’s not abortion that bothers them. It’s empowering women to live our own lives,” she added.

"It’s not abortion that bothers them. It’s empowering women to live our own lives."

-NARAL President Ilyse Hogue on Pro-lifers

Apparently, standing up for all those unborn babies—of which more than half are female—means you hate women. Got it, Hogue.

She also, unsurprisingly, attacked the GOP candidate and his running mate:

Mike Pence led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood, pushed to let hospitals turn a woman away if she needs an abortion to save her life, and signed a bill with some of the most outrageous abortion restrictions in the country. He has even said he can’t wait to send Roe vs. Wade “into the ash heap of history.”

Together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have united to form the “make misogyny great again” ticket.

Hogue's disturbing comments can be summed up by her nonsensical statement calling abortion “rights” “the very foundation of our freedom.”

Watch Hogue's full address, below:

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