Planned Pregnanthood Discriminates Against Trans Men: No Contraceptives Because Male Pregnancy 'Not Popular'

Planned Parenthood isn't certain whether men should be given contraceptives so they won't become pregnant.

Really. And that information stems from a case involving a transgender man from Arizona.

Here's the story, and PP's utterly reality-defying response.

Thomas Beatie, nee Tracy, a transgender man in Arizona, stands accused of stalking Beatie's estranged wife, pleading guilty to disorderly conduct last week. Beatie is scheduled to be sentenced on November 16 for the felony. Police investigators said that Beatie admitted to installing a tracking device under Beatie's "wife’s" car in 2012 and monitoring it online. Beatie was arrested after the device was found in September 2014 and reported to local authorities.

Beatie had tried to be a good husband. Beatie's wife was unable to conceive children so Beatie decided to take the load off her shoulders and become pregnant by artificial insemination, giving birth to a first child in 2008 and two more by 2011.

"During pregnancy, I was and still am fully legally male," Beatie said in an email last Tuesday. "I am fully transitioned."

Beatie was born “Tracy” in 1974, questioning her “psychological gender” in 1997 and undergoing sex-assignment surgeries starting in 2002. She was able to get her birth certificate amended legally and be recognized under Hawaiian law as biologically male. A year later, she married her wife, Nancy. After pregnancy, she became famous as “The Pregnant Man,” hitting numerous talk shows and magazines enthralled by her miraculous transformation.

Beatie’s transformation creates a rather disturbing dilemma. From a conservative viewpoint, Beatie was and is still a woman, as evident by her fully functioning reproductive female organs. From the leftist’s standpoint, however, Beatie is a man because she said so.

Thus, The Daily Wire called Planned Parenthood and asked whether the reproductive health agency would supply contraceptives for men.

Vanessa, a Planned Parenthood employee, said that Planned Parenthood does not supply contraceptives for men, but they can instead assist with condoms or a vasectomy.

The Daily Wire asked Vanessa why the reproductive health agency would not consider giving men the same pregnancy resources as given to women.

“It’s not really popular at the moment,” Vanessa replied. “I don’t know if it’s even possible.”

“It’s not really popular at the moment. I don’t know if it’s even possible.”

Planned Parenthood employee on giving contraceptives so men don't become pregnant

The Daily Wire asked why the Planned Parenthood employee would respond that way and whether she was implying that biological males cannot become pregnant. She responded, in turn, that the question would be better directed at a health professional, such as a physician or a nurse.

"But a man in Arizona became pregnant!" The Daily Wire protested.

"I believe you," Vanessa said, adding, “But I’m not sure. Remember this is a nonprofit clinic.”

Surprisingly, Planned Parenthood, a champion for "gender equality," won’t even consider providing prenatal resources for biological males simply because not enough men are doing it, or perhaps because it is not the current trend for today’s males. Perhaps biological males getting pregnant will be a reality in a few decades or less, in which case the "woman card" can no longer be used as the "victim card" in "pro-choice" activism. Does Planned Parenthood even acknowledge that males, by definition, are not born with female reproductive organs?

Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood tweeted, "If [cis] men could get pregnant, #abortion would be a sacrament." [email protected]

"The transgender movement is a disaster for Planned Parenthood, since the entire logical predicate for their existence is the fundamental difference between men and women," The Daily Wire Editor-in Chief, Ben Shapiro, wrote. "It’s quite difficult to argue that women have a unique perspective on abortion when biological men can be women, and share that perspective; it’s also difficult to argue that men can’t talk about abortion when you identify biological women who identify as male as actual men."

Planned Parenthood will continue to argue that all women are entitled to health reproductive resources while men aren't, yet protest that gender is self-identifiable. By that "logic", they will deny resources to people like Beatie regardless of Beatie's ability to reproduce, claiming that she is a man for having self-identified as such.

To the left, reality is irrelevant.


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