Top 3 Reasons Reince Priebus Should Be Fired

Conservative talk show host and former Reagan administration staffer Mark Levin has called for the firing of the chair of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus. Levin's main reason: With the way Priebus has handled the Republican debates so far, he appears to be committed to making sure that Hillary Clinton gets coronated in 2016. As he so often is, Levin is right. It's time for Priebus to go.

Here's the top three reasons Republicans should remove the current chair before he does any more damage to the candidates and the brand.

1. In the end, the debate debacles are on him.

Despite his attempts to distance himself from the debate debacles, in the end he is responsible for Wednesday and the previous two events.

After the CNBC travesty Wednesday, the spotlight has fallen more than ever on Priebus' role in scheduling the increasingly hostile and unprofessional debates. Though before the debate was even over Priebus was already crafting his statement rebuking the network for how it handled the instantly infamous debate, the reality is that Priebus hand-picked the committee tasked with negotiating the debate schedule and rules. Priebus made the selection himself with no real input from the 168-member committee.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling decision Priebus made about the debate committee is the chair he selected: New Hampshire's Steve Duprey, a donor to Planned Parenthood, a group that couldn't be more hostile to the Republican Party.

As Conservative Review highlights, Priebus had the gall to fundraise off the trainwreck of a debate he helped organize, sending out an email (below) from Priebus expressing his "extreme disappoint[ment]" and vowing that such treatment in future debates "won't be tolerated." The email then calls on recipients to "add your name here if you're with us," ultimately leading of course to a donation page.

via Conservative Review

2. The Republican Party is in desperate need of re-branding

Priebus of course is not wholly to blame for the Republican Party's multifaceted branding problems, but he certainly hasn't helped. In what ways has Priebus helped elevate the party in public perception? Is he a compelling voice for the party? Is he a particularly strong voice to present the vision of the party to the American people? Most of his statements come off as reactionary or too little to late. The party needs an aggressive, proactive leadership that Priebus has not demonstrated he can provide.

3. The base has already given up on him

In the political world there is a point of no return that politicians often reach before realizing they've done so. The CNBC debate was Priebus' point of no return, as seems evident by the passionate response from Republican voters and pundits alike. Levin is certainly not the only one calling for Priebus' head, a chorus of conservatives have had enough, as social media and talk radio call-ins demonstrated in devastating fashion Thursday. Here is Levin's call for the firing of Priebus:


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