Bill Clinton Blows It. Oops, Poor Choice Of Words.

On Tuesday night, former President Bill Clinton approached the microphones with one mission: make Hillary Clinton more popular.

He blew it.

No pun intended.

Well, pun sort of intended.

Clinton could have made Hillary more popular, but to do so, he’d need to take one for the team. He’d have had to admit his sins, and then praise Hillary for standing by him. The only period of true popularity Hillary has ever experienced came in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky allegations – Americans felt bad for Hillary, and that propelled her into a Senate seat despite the fact that she’s a manipulative, calculated, incompetent hack politician. Bill could have sacrificed himself for Hillary; he could have reminded Americans of just what he’s put her through, given that it was her only serious life challenge.

He didn’t.

Instead, he played grandpa, pretending that that whole “nailing every hooker in the whorehouse” period never happened. He acted as though the entire nation isn’t aware of his sham marriage to a political ambitious woman who wants his old job. He jabbered for nearly 40 minutes about “walking, and talking, and laughing” with Hillary, as though this was a re-run of On Golden Pond. He glossed from 1997 to 2000 as though it never happened.

It didn’t work.

In 2012, Clinton came out of the woodwork to help get President Obama re-elected by making an inaccurate but compelling case for Obama’s presidency. He had nothing in the bag for Hillary. Her record is just that bad. He called her a “change-maker,” when she’s spent 30 years in Washington D.C. accomplishing virtually nothing.

He said, “You could drop her in any spot. Pick one. Come back in a month and somehow, some way, she will have made it better.” That may have been true when Hillary was running the Bimbo Eruptions Unit, but it certainly wasn’t true in Libya or Syria or Ukraine or the South China Sea.

He said, “Hillary will make us stronger together…she spent a lifetime doing it.” Hillary has spent three decades making herself the most divisive politician in modern history.

Hillary needed Bill to change the game for her. Instead, he proved that his own image is more important to him than her victory.

Which we already knew.

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