Muslims Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' Disrupt Munich Shooting Memorial

Last Friday, an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual citizen shot and killed shoppers by a McDonald’s in Munich, Germany, killing nine people and injuring 16 others. The shooter, recently identified as David Ali Sonboly, a social outcast with repressed hatred toward native Germans, ultimately turned the gun on himself before police were able to detain him. Sonboly reportedly shouted the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is great,” while shooting his victims in cold-blood.

Over the weekend, a handful of mourners gathered around the site of the massacre in honor the deceased victims. It began as a relatively subdued event, tormented only by the sounds of wailing and lamentations. That was before a horde of Muslims showed up to the scene and began hijacking the memorial service.

On Sunday, Italian news outlet Il Fatto Quotidiano published a video capturing the disturbance. The video shows a group of aggressive Muslim men marching and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” in the middle of spot designated for the grieving for victims of Friday’s shooting.

Here’s the shocking video:

In the clip, German attendees are shown as dismayed and angry. They shout obscenities at the Muslim invaders, demanding that they take their Islamic chant elsewhere. Before any scuffles began, police quickly intervened and separated the groups.

Despite repeated requests that the Muslim men leave the memorial service, the Muslim men refused and instead continued their public cult-like ritual.

Tensions between Germans and Muslim immigrants have been rising in recent weeks due to the series of jihadist-connected machete, bomb, and gun attacks directed at Germany’s busiest cities.

After flinging the door wide-open to Muslim refugees from Muslim-majority, Sharia-centered countries, German officials are finding that the recent wave of migrants are neither willing to assimilate nor willing to adopt German social norms of propriety.

The culture clash has bled over into violence, prompting young Muslim men to inflict violence on unsuspecting Western-minded Germans.

It’s become so bad that Germans can’t even mourn their dead without being interrupted by self-entitled religious Muslims dominating public spaces with the noise pollution of ominous Islamic chants.


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