Ben Carson: Trump Children 'Disadvantaged' By Their Wealth

Ben Carson, who has repeatedly stumbled as a surrogate for the Trump campaign, went over the cliff on Thursday night, gushing about Donald Trump’s children and labeling them “disadvantaged” for growing up uber-wealthy.

Speaking with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Carson tried to laud Trump by citing Trump’s children, although all available evidence points to the fact that the children were raised by their mothers and Trump had little interaction with them while they were growing up. As Ivana Trump, the mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, said back in February, “I decided on their schooling and everything they did. When I divorced Donald, the children were like 4, 6, and 8. I had full custody, and there was only one cook in the kitchen, which was me.” She added that Trump simply ceded to her vis-a-vis discipline, saying, “Donald went along with it, and if I would say ‘no’ to the kids, they would go to their father and say, ‘Daddy, Daddy can we get that and that... ?’ And he would ask, ‘What did mother say?’ They would tell him, ‘Mommy said no,’ so that meant no.”

All of that was unimportant to Carson, who gushed:

All of the Trump children are absolutely delightful people. And I think that speaks volumes about the man. Anybody who can raise children, particularly in the environment they came up in, which I think is a disadvantaged environment. Because I know a lot of people who are very rich and their kids are so spoiled, and I think it’s a disadvantage. I really do.

The ridiculousness of Carson’s statement can hardly be overestimated; if having money and access to everything isn’t a tremendous advantage, then what is?

As for the fact that Trump’s children aren’t spoiled, what proof does Carson have of that? Because they can make speeches? There are thousands of actors in Hollywood that can make speeches, and tons of them are spoiled. Ivanka Trump’s speech, preceding her father’s, in which she advocated for big government solutions (“he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all … he can’t bear the injustice of college graduates who are crippled by student debt”) that would continue the cycle of dependency plaguing Americans while she and her siblings float along on their father’s wealth, sounds a bit spoiled, because she wants other Americans to foot the bill with their taxes.

"Anybody who can raise children, particularly in the environment they came up in, which I think is a disadvantaged environment."

Ben Carson

To call the Trump children disadvantaged is truly offensive to those who must struggle to put food on the table for their children or suffer because their children have physical or mental disabilities that take enormous courage to overcome.

Carson should know better.


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