Alex Jones Crashes The Young Turks At RNC

Alex Jones made an uninvited appearance on a live show of The Young Turks (TYT) on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. Within minutes, Jones's trolling yielded acrimony from TYT host and founder Cenk Uygur.

Poking fun at Uygur as a semi-communist, Jones asked, "How's the revolution going? You guys starting the revolution? The overthrow of America is nigh?"

Uygur indulged Jones's trolling, stating that he was working to "restore American democracy." He added that he was unimpressed with Jones's "Hillary For Prison" t-shirts. Jones then presented Uygur with a t-shirt depicting Bill Clinton's countenance above a capitalized "RAPE," similar in style to the red, white, and blue-themed imagery of then Senator Barack Obama's 2012 presidential hope-themed campaign.

Jones appeared very pleased with himself as Uygur lost his temper following Roger Stone's insertion into the exchange. After Jones seemed to accuse Uygur of being funded by Saudi Arabia, the exchange became more acrimonious. Playing on Jones's reputation as a conspiracy theorist among his critics, Uygur mocked his impromptu guest of subscribing to lizard people conspiracies. An agitated Uygur eventually because screaming at Jones, "I care about the American people!"

Jones then aptly described his neo-Marxist opponent as "anti-liberal," noting the perversion of the term liberal in American political vernacular.

H/T Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars

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