Shock Poll: Who Do Our Military Troops Favor? BOTH Hillary AND Trump LOSE.

According to a new survey, American military troops favor Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Johnson, the least Libertarian Libertarian of all Libertarians, edged out Trump, the least Republican Republican of all Republicans, by almost eight percentage points among active duty military personnel: 38.7 percent to 30.9 percent, respectively. Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt politician of all time, unsurprisingly, got smacked, earning only 14.1 percent.

The survey was conducted by Doctrine Man, a popular military personality.

“Although the survey was not a scientific poll with a margin of error, it provides a snapshot of the preferences of about 3,500 active duty, reservists, retired and former members of the military and their family members, 95.7 percent of which were registered voters,” notes The Hill.

Johnson out-polled Clinton and Trump among all military services, save the Navy.

Among active, reserve and former Army members:

Johnson: 35.4 percent

Trump: 31.4 percent

Clinton: 15.3 percent

Among active, reserve and former Marine members:

Johnson: 44.1 percent

Trump: 27.1 percent

Clinton: 12.7 percent

Among active, reserve and former Air Force members:

Johnson: 39 percent

Trump: 29.9 percent

Clinton: 12.9 percent

Among active, reserve and former Navy members

Trump: 32.4 percent

Johnson: 31.7 percent

Clinton: 22.9 percent

Besides the Navy, Trump also took the top-spot with military personnel who retired after at least 20 years of service. Retirees overall, also preferred Trump, with Johnson coming in close second.

Clinton, who had a dismal showing in the survey, won among active duty troops’ families: 29.4 percent favoring Clinton, 27.5 percent favoring Trump, and 24.5 percent favoring Johnson.

Typically, Republican candidates are more well-liked by our military, hands down. But Trump isn't a conventional Republican when it comes to foreign policy, or anything else, by a long shot. Trump has repeatedly bashed former President George W. Bush for the Iraq war--bordering on conspiracy Code Pink talk. He's also said favorable things about Russian President Vladimir Putin, made troubling statements about NATO, and seems more isolationist than Clinton.

When it comes to Clinton, she's not only tied to awful Obama foreign policy decisions, but she herself has created messes globally, namely her screw-up in Libya and her subsequent lies regarding the fatal disaster in Benghazi.

And, of course, generally speaking, both Clinton and Trump have astonishingly high unfavorables.


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