Rudy Giuliani was the featured speaker at a breakfast hosted by the Florida Republican Party on Wednesday in Independence, OH. Noticeably hoarse following his excited speech at the Republican National Convention the day before, the former New York City mayor guaranteed that he could convict Hillary Clinton for federal crimes if given the opportunity to prosecute the former Secretary of State.

I’m gonna tell you this, and I’m gonna tell you this with great conviction and absolutely no fear that there’s anybody who can contradict this. Hillary Clinton has violated so many federal laws, I would need a blackboard bigger than that [points to a board about 10 feet x 3 feet] to write ‘em all down...

I never had a case that is as strong as the case against Hillary Clinton. I never ever, as a lawyer, have ever guaranteed a result, either to the government or to my clients, ‘cuz I don’t know what juries are gonna do. However, I will bet my life that if you put me in front of twelve fair and decent Americans and you let me prosecute this case against Hillary Clinton, she will go to jail for ten years or more.

Some in the audience began chanting, “lock her up!” The chant in gaining in popularity during the election season in reference to Hillary Clinton's criminality.

Giuliani then touched on the allegations of Clintonian corruption connected to political favors sold to Swiss bank UBS. After Hillary Clinton intervened with the IRS on behalf of the “most powerful” banking institution in Switzerland to partially block federal inquiries into the bank’s clients, UBS donated $600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. UBS also paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million in speaking fees for a series of question-and-answer sessions.

Giuliani described the Clintons as having been corrupt for decades.

The Clintons have been stealing since they were in Little Rock. You go to Little Rock talk to people like I do and they will tell you that Bill Clinton was one of the most crooked governors in the state and his bad woman was Hillary Clinton at the Rose law firm. They were crooks back in Little Rock!

Giuliani noted the protection afforded to the Clintons by left-wing legacy media outlets, with particular mockery directed to CNN.

“This special standard for the Clintons that the liberal media has created - The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, what am I missing?” asked Giuliani. Someone in the audience shouted, “CNN!” to which Giuliani replied, “Oh, I don’t even think of them!”

Lastly, Giuliani addressed allegations of Bill Clinton's sexual abuse and his history of adultery, along with the support of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was the enforcer-in-chief again the women who accused Bill Clinton of assaulting them. She’s a feminist? If there’s a war on women, the war on women was the one conducted by Bill Clinton. And empowered by Hillary Clinton. Now, she knew his history. We knew his history. and along comes this young woman Monica Lewinsky, and tells us about what he was doing in the Oval Office. When she made her first allegations, did you believe her? Did all of America believe her? Hillary clinton didn’t believe her. For six months they conducted a campaign trying to make it sound like [Monica Lewinsky] was some kind of an insane maniac. They tried to ruin and destroy the young woman. And then it turned out she had the dress and the DNA. And if she didn’t she didn’t, she would’ve been ruined! And Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton would’ve been the ones to have ruined the young woman! Hillary Clinton says she wants to take care of women who were victims of sexual abuse, what about Monica Lewinsky? She was a young girl, and impressionable young girl who was taken advantage of by the President of the United States.

We can’t have them in the White House. We can’t. This would be a disgrace for our country, to have a criminal like this in the White House.

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