On Wednesday night, former Alaskan governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin laid into Texas Senator Ted Cruz after his highly controversial non-endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention, telling Breitbart News that Cruz should “delete his career.”

Cruz, initially welcomed with applause at the RNC, was booed off the stage after failing to endorse Republican candidate Donald Trump and pointedly telling the crowd to “vote your conscience”—the common phraseology used amongst those in the “Dump Trump” effort.

“Turns out Ted Cruz’s partner, Carly Fiorina, had a more graceful exit from the political stage than he had,” said Palin, mockingly, the line hyperlinked to Fiorina, Cruz's VP pick, falling off the stage at a Cruz event during the primary.

The Trump surrogate continued, sprinkling in quintessential-Palin rhyming and anti-establishment buzzwords like "status quo."

“Cruz’s broken pledge to support the will of the people tonight was one of those career-ending 'read my lips' moments,” she said. “I guarantee American voters took notice and felt more unsettling confirmation as to why we don’t much like typical politicians because they campaign one way, but act out another way. That kind of political status quo has got to go because it got us into the mess we’re in with America’s bankrupt budgets and ramped up security threats.”

The former governor also slammed Cruz for “breaking his promise to endorse his party’s nominee.”

“It’s commonplace for politicians to disbelieve their word is their bond, as evidenced by Cruz breaking his promise to endorse his party’s nominee, evidently thinking whilst on the convention stage, ‘At this point, what difference does it make?’” she said, quoting Hillary Clinton's infamous line.

During the primary, Cruz, as well as all other Republican candidates, signed a "loyalty pledge" to back their party’s nominee. The pledge was seemingly intended to hold Trump’s feet to the fire if he lost. He didn’t.

“We’ve been burned so horribly by that attitude that voters won’t reward politicians pulling that 'what difference does it make' stunt again. Politicians will see — it makes all the difference in the world to us,” Palin concluded.

Cruz has received mixed reviews from his speech. Many in the Never Trump camp found Cruz's actions admirable and brave, whereas other Republicans found it self-serving for the senator.

The morning after the controversial speech, Cruz said that his choice to not endorse was not about him, it was about this country and freedom. He also said explained that the "loyalty pledge" become void when Trump attacked his family, namely his wife Heidi and his father Rafael.

Meanwhile, the Democrats revel in the disunity:

Apparently, Palin also passed along the video bashing Cruz posted below:

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