In his speech at the Republican National Committee on Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie "prosecuted" Hillary Clinton and, with the riled up audience's help, found her "guilty" of being unqualified for the presidency. Miffed about the headline-grabbing indictment, Clinton countered by releasing a video from just a few months ago of a decidedly less judgmental Christie's warm exchange with Hillary, complete with the Christie Hug™.

Christie was blasted by Republicans in 2012 after he allowed President Obama to use him as a ready-made campaign ad when the president visited Hurricane Sandy-slammed New Jersey right before the election. Many blamed Christie for giving Obama a last-minute bipartisan bounce.

It turns out that that wasn't the only big "hug" Christie has given a Democratic presidential candidate. In a video posted on Clinton's Snapchat account Wednesday, Christie and Clinton are caught behind-the-scenes having a very friendly chat on the set of CNN's "State of the Union."

After giving Clinton a hug, Christie says, "All I do is hug Democrats. It gets me in trouble all the time. All the time."

In his warm exchange with Clinton, Christie also asked her to tell the president he said "Hi" and gave her some notes on how to beat Bernie Sanders, namely getting her own ice cream flavor like his Ben & Jerry's flavor.

"Now he's got his own ice cream with Ben & Jerry," said Christie. "You should argue for your own ice cream, Madam Secretary."

Below is Christie's blistering RNC speech in which he describes Clinton as "all the failure of the Obama years with less charm and more lies" while the crowd chants "Lock her up!":

H/t Business Insider