Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was fired by Donald Trump, but quickly secured a job as a commentator on CNN, is desperate to remain in the good graces of his former employer, but the inner circle around Trump wants him far, far away.

Lewandowski was famously loyal to Trump, but his recent public comments in which he said current campaign manager Paul Manafort should resign over the Melania Trump plagiarism flap and his private comments to reporters that Manafort and his deputy campaign manager, Rick Gates, were directly responsible for the speech, have left him persona non grata.

Lewandowski’s claim was slammed by Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller and Donald Trump Jr.; Trump Jr. said Lewandowski was simply bitter and angry at Manafort over their feud within the Trump campaign. He also ripped Lewandowski by saying archly, “I mean, listen, I understand, he’s not here anymore, you want to try and maintain relevance, you want to be on TV, you want to do these things.”

Lewandowski has also ripped two pro-Trump super PACs when speaking with major donors; one is headed by former Manafort associate Laurie Gay.

The antipathy for Lewandowski within the Trump camp was never better demonstrated than Monday night, Lewandowski loitered near the Trump family box in the convention hall. Three sources told Politico that Lewandowski was barred from entering the box, where Mike Pence, Tiffany Trump and Bob Dole were seated.

One Trump associate told Politico that Lewandowski still sends Trump advice, adding, “Corey is becoming a real nuisance, but he has no power. He is still trying to get back at Manafort and [Manafort ally Roger] Stone for pushing him out.”

A GOP operative added, “He still acts like he’s on the campaign, but he has no juice anymore,” revealing that Lewandowski tried and failed to get an invitation to a Monday night reception with major donors.