Louisiana Police Chief Fired After Posting That Obama Should Be Fighting Black Lives Matter

On Tuesday, a Louisiana police chief lost his job after posting a message on his personal Facebook page, calling for President Obama to fight back against the radical Black Lives Matter movement, which often advocates for the murder of innocent police officers.

In reaction to the recent onslaught of violence—often fatal—taken against American officers, Jonesville Chief of Police Skylar Dore voiced his frustrations, particularly with the Obama Administration, through the following post:

“Hey Mr. [explicit] president when are you going to grow a [explicit] pair. And tell it like it is. These are terrorists. They have declared war on my brother. (White police officers) enough is enough. How many police officers have to die trying to protect the citizens of this country. Any other president would have declared full on war on this group. Since when in our [explicit] history do we stand idle to the ambush murders of law enforcement. It has to STOP NOW,” wrote Dore.

Dore apologized for his comments, explaining that they came out of a place of frustration following the targeting and murder of three officers in Baton Rouge--one of whom was a black man--at the hands of a black nationalist.

Yes, his remarks were fiery, and laced with profanity, but they were also somehow construed as “racist” by members of the Jonesville community.

After the backlash against the chief, the Jonesville Town Council asked Dore to resign. "I think at this time Chief Dore, we will now ask you for you resign from your duties,” said Jonesville Mayor Hiram Evans, on Tuesday. “That's what I'm recommending to the board.”

“I'm sorry, but you should have thought about it before you even hit those keys," said Jonesville resident Sharon Stevenson in response to the post.

"It hurt. I'm going to be honest. That brought tears to me because then I saw some of the racial comments coming up," she added.

The town doesn't "need to hear [comments] like that. I can hear things and let them roll of my back, but the younger [residents], they might not be able to, and me, I don't feel safe with [Dore] being chief and making those kinds of remarks," she continued.

Jonesville Councilwoman Laurie Hollins apparently "forgives" Dore...for voicing his opinion. She voted to oust the police chief, too.

But some residents came to Dore’s defense: "He's a damn good cop," said Bill Bullock, a man who personally knows Dore. "He's exceptionally proficient and has good credentials."

The town of Jonesville apparently takes heated opinions seriously.

I wonder if those who hold government positions who espouse hateful Black Lives Matter messaging will be booted from their positions, too? Probably not.

In the past two weeks alone, at least eight officers have been murdered at the hands of racist, cop-hating Black Lives Matter sympathizers—five in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.


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