Gavin Long, the man who murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge, LA on Sunday, reportedly left behind a manifesto of sorts explaining his evil actions and declared that the murders were a "necessary evil."

The manifesto, obtained by Buzzfeed, is a handwritten three-page letter beginning with Long addressing his family, writing that he's sure they are "in disbelief" over what he did since it's "completely out of character of the MAN you knew who was always positive, encouraging, & wore a smile wherever he was seen."

"I know I will be vilified by the media & police, unfortunately, I see my action's as a necessary evil that I do not wish to partake in, nor do I enjoy partaking in, but must partake in, in order to create substantial change within America’s police forces and Judicial system," Long wrote.

Long then waded into a conspiracy theory of an "unseen & concealed war" among police officers because the justice system somehow "protects all cops" from punishment. When a police officer attempts to stand up to the supposedly corrupt system, "they get reprimanded, harassed, blackballed or blacklisted or all of these and more."

"Therefore I must bring the same destruction that bad cops continue to inflict upon my people, upon bad cops as well as good cops in hopes that the good cops (which are the majority) will be able to stand together to enact justice and punishment against bad cops b/c right now the police force & current judicial system is not doing so," Long wrote. "

In his twisted, evil mind, Long felt that his actions would help pave the way "for all bad cops to be punished swiftly, completely, & unhesitatingly; & for all unethical police practices & procedure’s to cease immediately."

He concluded his manifesto by calling on good police officers to stand up to the system, saluting various police officers before signing off with "Love, Cosmo" and concluding it was "a sacrifice for my people, & a sacrifice for the people."

"Cosmo" is likely a reference to Long's pseudonym, Cosmo Ausar Setepenra, which he used to write posts featuring "racist and violence-promoting material" on his social media sites, according to The Daily Wire.

Buzzfeed received the letter from Ohio rapper Yarima Karama, who had it sent to him from an [email protected] email address. That email address belongs to a website called, a website that belonged to Long and is now obsolete. "Convos With Cosmos" happens to also be Long's Twitter account.

Karama told Buzzfeed, "Long would occasionally comment on his YouTube videos but stressed that he didn’t know Long personally and doesn’t know why he received the email."

"Therefore I must bring the same destruction that bad cops continue to inflict upon my people, upon bad cops as well as good cops ..."

Gavin Long, killer of Baton Rouge cops

The Daily Wire has reported that Long, a former Nation of Islam member and promoter of Black Liberation Theology, had posted the following on his social sites:

"Violence is not THE answer (its a answer) but at what point do you stand up so that your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?" he posted on July 13. "Have u ever seen white people march for the things they needed?" he posted on July 11. "'Yes The Govt is a hate Group, They Hate Black People' -- @MrJayMorrison," he reposted on July 10. "You cant talk (or protest) the devil into changing his ways, this has never been done and never will # 1. Exact Justice (Blood) or 2.Revenue," he posted July 9 following a post that read, "#WhitePrivilegeMeans not wanting to actually CHANGE the system of white supremacy, but u want Blacks to learn how to suffer with dignity."

Long also sneered that peaceful protesting is "for women" and advocated for "fighting back through bloodshed" against police officers, whom he reportedly referred to as "race soldiers."

This is the problem when President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement spread the fiction of systemic racism against blacks: it helps foment a climate of hate against police officers that incites warped minds like Long's into committing evil acts of murder.