4 Reasons Republicans Are Right To Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ About Hillary Clinton

On night two of the Trump National Convention, Official Trump Bootlicker Chris Christie took a break from carrying Mr. Trump’s bags to do something useful: prosecute Hillary Clinton. Christie essentially made the case that he would have been a better vice presidential attack dog than Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and did so with aplomb. He meticulously dismantled Hillary’s record, to cheers and chants of “Lock her up!”

It was those chants that got the media going.

Mary McNamara of The Los Angeles Times whined that the RNC was “fueled by festering personal rage.” ABC’s Terry Moran asked Christie, “Do you think that is a good thing for American politics when political disagreements result in, basically, a crowd becoming a mob?” MSNBC’s Kelly O’Donnell grilled Christie, “You incited this crowd to get on their feet, to talk about her say guilty over and over again. Do you think that is unifying the party in a way that’s good for the country?” RINO Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC, “I do think the ‘lock her up’ chant…seems a little banana republic to me.” Chris Matthews, the Man Who Brushes His Hair With A Shoe™, complained, “I get the feeling, he wanted – if they had said, ‘kill her now,’ it was almost that bloodthirsty.” He then added that the RNC had started a “witch-like ritual tonight.”

Except that Hillary should actually go to jail, and Republicans are right to chant about it. Here are four reasons why:

1. Hillary Is a Criminal. As I’ve written at length, Hillary committed crimes that would have put any lesser mortal in prison. She set up a private server with the sole purpose of protecting her communications from public scrutiny, set her lawyers to destroying evidence, and made classified materials available for foreign hack. The FBI’s James Comey essentially admitted all of this.

2. It’s Banana Republic Stuff NOT To Prosecute Hillary. This week, we found out the Obama administration would not prosecute Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro for violating the law. Just as Hillary won’t be prosecuted, because she’s Hillary. Just as Eric Holder ignored contempt of Congress. Just as Obama wouldn’t prosecute the IRS criminal Lois Lerner. The banana republic stuff is already going on. Prosecuting Hillary would be a curative.

3. The Democrats ALWAYS Want To Prosecute Republicans. Don’t you remember the “George W. Bush is a war criminal” stuff? Or the oft-repeated lie that George W. Bush let people die during Hurricane Katrina? How about the Dick Cheney and Halliburton nonsense? Now Democrats are upset about Republican rhetoric. But they have no leg upon which to stand.

4. The Media Will ALWAYS Defend Democrats And Attack Republicans. The media pretended to care about Hillary’s corruption for approximately 4.3 seconds. Then they moved on to Melania’s plagiarism. There is no way in hell that the media will hold Hillary accountable. The job of Republicans is to do that.

The media are fully ridiculous. They’d be cheering if Hillary showed up next week at the Democratic National Convention and said that she’d launch an investigation into Trump University. Yes, Republicans have every right to be enraged that our corrupt system lets Hillary Clinton off the hook. And they should chant about it all the way into November.

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