Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was forced out by current campaign manager Paul Manafort and had to settle for appearing as a regular on CNN, gleefully targeted Manafort on Tuesday after the revelation of Melania Trump plagiarizing part of her RNC speech from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

Hilariously, Lewandowski, who famously refused to apologize to then-Breitbart writer Michelle Fields after grabbing her, then called her “delusional” and attempted to savage her reputation, said:

You don’t need to apologize. You need accountability. That’s what a good leader does, holds people accountable. I’ve been held accountable in this campaign; other people should be held accountable in the campaign, You don’t need to apologize, but you need to fix it so it doesn’t happen again. Who’s to say that this same staff person isn’t involved tonight and doesn’t make the same mistake again?

Lewandowski was asked, “Corey, who are you talking about needs to do this? You talking about Donald Trump need to do this or are you saying that Paul Manafort needs to do this?”

Lewandoski replied, “I think Paul needs to take a deep look inside and understand what the process was, make sure that the protocols are in place, make sure that there is a check and balance of every speech that is going to go forward. Whoever signed off, was the final sign-off that allowed this to go forward, should be held accountable.”

Queried, “And if it was Paul Manafort, he should be held accountable?” Lewandowski knifed Manafort: “I think if it was Paul Manafort he’d do the right thing and resign.”

The female host, stunned, stumbled, “You think Paul Manafort will resign if – he being the last person –”

Lewandowski interrupted, “If he is the last person who saw this, and saw this happen, and has brought this on the candidate’s wife, I think he would resign because I think it’s the kind of person he would be.”

Video below: