Youngest RNC Speaker: 'We Are The Party Of Youth And Diversity'

Crowds cheered at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio as the youngest speaker at the convention took the stage and summed up his party’s vision of liberty and limited government in less than three minutes. The young leader of the nation’s fastest-growing student activist organization began:

Our slogan is ‘Big Government Sucks’, and I apologize if that sounds a little caustic, but you here at the 2016 Convention-I know you know that’s true.

22-year-old Charlie Kirk has spent the last four years of his life educating and empowering millennials to become advocates of limited government and free market principles. As Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, Kirk has grown to representing his ideals on more than 1,100 high schools and college campuses across the United States.

“I founded Turning Point USA to tell young people in America that there’s a better way than big government and old school corruption,” he said. “We essentially argue for free markets and free people on college campuses across the country- in the most treacherous terrain imaginable.”

Kirk continued by challenging stereotypes blindly attributed to Republicans by Democratic rivals:

We’re told frequently that the Republican Party is the party of old, rich white men. And I always respond, I say, did you know that here at this convention, and the 2016 field it- was the most diverse and youngest presidential field in presidential history.

Kirk continued by pointing out how of the four Latinos ever to run for president in the U.S., two of them were in this year’s GOP election cycle, adding how one of them was the “first Latino American ever to win a presidential preference primary or caucus.” He continued by dissecting the incredibly diverse demographics represented by today’s Republican politicians, and pointed out that some of the youngest governors and leaders in office are Republicans.

Meanwhile, he pointed out, the Democratic primaries featured just the stereotype it had attempted to deflect: old white folk such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“Who is the party of youth and diversity?” Kirk asked as the audience fervently applauded. “We are the party of youth and diversity! Not the Democrats!”

Watch his speech below, as captured on C-SPAN:

Kirk’s speech was received well by the audience and by millennials who had taken part in the convention, many of whom followed up with their own cheers of “big government sucks!” and holding signs with messages such as “socialism sucks” and “capitalism cures,” all of which represent TPUSA’s motto. Some of them gained national media attention after hilariously photobombing MSNBC’s socialist Chris Hayes’ live coverage of the event.

Gunnar Thorderson, or as Twitter users are calling him, the "socialism sucks sign guy," said the people at MSNBC were not happy with him for being in their video shoot background. He told The Daily Wire the MSNBC producers had threatened him multiple times for being there with his sign.

"They said if and when I bump into someone they will arrest me on the spot," Thorderson said, pointing out their "harassment and intimidation tactics are the antithesis of our first amendment right to free speech and protest. I will continue my fight for freedom and limited government even while the media tries to silence me."

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