CHAOS: Republican Convention Shatters As Trump Lackeys Steamroll Rules Vote

On Monday, the Republican National Convention – the establishment insiders of the establishment – steamrolled #NeverTrump delegates hoping to force Republican delegates to affirmatively vote in favor of binding themselves to Donald Trump. Under the rules of the convention, a majority of seven delegations could force a roll vote on the rules; it would then take a majority of the delegates to toss the rules committee’s book. At least 11 states signed on: Colorado, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia, Alaska, North Dakota, and Washington D.C.

So the secretary of the convention hid behind a curtain to avoid having to accept the signatures.

And the RNC ignored the rules anyway.

The RNC simply declared by voice vote – a vote clearly lost in the room – that the rules had been accepted. Then the RNC left the podium. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) told the press, “I have no idea what’s going on here. It’s surreal. The chair abandoned his post. And there’s a jazz band playing.” Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general in Virginia, tossed his credentials on the floor of the convention on national television.

In other words, the RNC was so afraid of delegates having to go on record, one by one, to bind themselves to Trump, that they simply rolled right over the legal process and pretended that the rules of the convention had been accepted by voice acclamation.

The RNC then announced that signatures had been withdrawn for three states, that there were only 9 states originally in favor of the vote on the rules, and there would be no roll call vote – the voice vote alone would tell the tale. The RNC refused to even state which states had withdrawn their petitions.

State delegations began to walk out.

And they say that Trump is an outsider.

The RNC essentially rigged the process for Trump. They didn’t have to – Trump almost undoubtedly would have won, were there a roll call vote on adopting the rules. But to shield delegates from the blowback of voting for Trump, they simply rammed through a fake voice vote. The Republican National Convention is now the same as the Democratic National Convention, which in 2012 rammed through a vote to put Jerusalem back in the platform despite a clearly opposing voice vote.

This is the Trump National Convention. And his lackeys won’t let anyone forget it.

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