Watch Georgia Representative Rip Into Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Tells Her 'I Miss Eric Holder'

After sitting through Loretta Lynch’s marathon of answer-dodging on Capitol Hill in regard to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured secret email server as secretary of state, one Republican lawmaker had finally had enough.

In the video (below) from Tuesday's House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) slams Lynch for wasting everyone's time and tells her, "I never thought I'd say this.... I miss Eric Holder. Because at least when he came here he gave us answers. We didn't like it, but I've spent the last four hours listening to basically the Attorney General of the United States not willing to make a concrete statement of law."

Collins continued to try to get Lynch and her Department of Justice to take ownership of their decision to not prosecute or even investigate Hillary.

"I understand Director Comey said here's the decision we recommend and all you have been willing to say is we just accept the team's recommendation. When given the opportunity to say do you accept this decision, you've never answered directly that you own this decision. Do you own this decision?"

Lynch responds with the same talking points she'd been using the entire time.

Collins then shook things up to just try to get her to give a simple yes or no direct response to a question of law.

"Do you believe that there is such a thing as a strict liability defense?" the congressman asked her.

She of course dodges again with legal speak, to which Collins fires back, "No ma'am, we went to law school, is there strict liability defenses or not?"

Again she won't give a yes or no.

An exasperated Collins concludes that unlike the small law school he went to, Lynch's alma mater, Harvard, must not be teaching law anymore, adding, "This issue we have here is there's no ownership at the D.O.J. It's no wonder the optics of this are so bad... and you today have made it worse. And as a member of the military who just got through with my drill duty this weekend, you have basically to me offended every military member here who handles classified information."

Collins can't help himself and gives it one more shot to get a simple yes or no to a kindergartner legal question, "I got a question for you, riding down the road, the speed limit says 55, I'm doing 65, have I broke the law?"

"You'd have to ask the Highway Patrol. They would likely write you a ticket," Lynch smugly responds.

"Oh, my, God," he responds.

Below is the incredible supercut of Lynch's non-answers while speaking under oath to the committee:

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