Poll: You Won't BELIEVE How Many Americans 'Fear' Their Presidential Choices

A new poll shows an absurd number of Americans "fear" their choices for president.

An Associated Press/Gfk poll says that 81 percent of Americans fear one of their two choices for president, and 25 percent are terrified of both of them.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said they're scared of real estate mogul Donald Trump becoming president, compared to 48 percent who feel the same way about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Only 26 percent of respondents said they would be "excited" at the prospect of either candidate getting elected. The unfavorables for both candidates are 63 percent for Trump and 57 percent for Clinton.

In fact, most of the people supporting Trump and Clinton are only supporting them out of fear of the other candidate: 80 percent of Trump supporters cite their fear of Clinton as a key reason for their support of Trump, and 75 percent of Clinton supporters say the same about Trump.

Here are some quotes AP gathered demonstrating just how horrified people are of both candidates:

Said Dennis Fernandez, 67, of Florence, Arizona: "If Hillary Clinton won, I'd probably consider suicide. I'm definitely not a fan."

And Lawrence James, 55, of Durham, North Carolina, said: "If Trump wins, well, we've already checked out Malta and New Zealand. I'm just not comfortable that he's not going to make rushed, uninformed decisions."

The AP also quotes Annette Scott, 70 years old from Monmouth County, NJ, as saying: "I really don't love either of the candidates. What do they say? It's a choice between hot and hell."

This is what happens when the two main choices for president are a felon with blood on her hands and a man who bloviates conspiracy theories and doesn't take the time to fully study policy: people are afraid of them both.

Worst. Election. Ever.

(h/t: Hot Air)


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