WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protester Screams In Cop's Face. His Response Is Hilarious.

In a video that perfectly captures the rage-based, disrespectful and disparaging nature of many Black Lives Matter protesters, a young female activist gets in the face of a Chicago police officer to scream at him about how "dumb" he is. And, like so many men and women who risk their lives every day to protect the rest of us, the officer responds to the attack with class and patience — and even a touch of humor.

The video (via Hypeline, below) begins with the girl referencing something apparently stated earlier, yelling, "Where you came from didn’t come out of my mouth!"

The officer, in whose face she is angrily screaming, calmly replies, "Why are you so angry, dude?"

The protester's response to his clear attempt to deescalate and bring a little levity to the situation is to, of course, escalate and bring out the personal insults.

"Because you’re dumb! End of story," she screams.

The officer's calm and comical response instantly made headlines.

"I did get a high school diploma," he said, adding, "I sat in the back."

For his efforts, the officer received another lame insult. "You’re still dumb!" she screamed.

Over the last few days, hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters have converged on downtown Chicago, a city where black gang violence regularly takes dozens of lives in a weekend.

"Our job as activists is to shine a lot of light on the issues so that advocates can gain strength from the attention that they bring to them, and they can take that energy and they can go into offices and political spaces and they can talk to politicians and stuff like that," said BLM Chicago member Eva Lewis.

"We want to make sure that we let people know it's not business as usual, that as long as we keep getting killed then we have to keep taking the streets," added activist Kofi Ademola.

The Chicago protests have at times shut down the streets and caused a headache for businesses, but so far have not escalated to the kinds of violence experienced in other locations, like St. Paul, Minnesota, where cops were pelted by rocks and concrete, reportedly resulting in over 20 officers injured.

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