Man Threatens Gun Advocate Dana Loesch. He Picked The Wrong Victim.

The world’s stupidest man decided to threaten the woman who literally wrote the book on guns: conservative host and author Dana Loesch.

Yeah, let’s just say he picked the wrong victim.

On Monday night, Loesch began receiving threats from an anonymous man on Twitter. The man told the conservative that she was going to be “assaulted” by him “in the future.”

Loesch shared the threats via captured screenshots “since the coward deleted them.”

Loesch, not one to be shy about gun rights and self-defense, or anything really, declared that threats like these are the exact reason why she carries, making it clear that she is not afraid to defend herself.

“I’m always aware and always armed,” she added in another tweet, just in case this wasn’t already apparent.

But things become increasingly serious when Loesch began receiving phone calls from this anonymous man. Reportedly, he told the author that she’d "learn her lesson soon enough."

Loesch even recorded one of the phone calls and posted it to Instagram as a way to document evidence and trail the man threatening her harm. "Ran to find another phone to quickly record," she said on Twitter. "He told me I'd 'learn my lesson.'"

Loesch informed her followers that she filed a police report and that she will purse the man "to the fullest extent of the law."

The badass self-defense guru also laid out three rules for everyone to abide by when being threatened:

Like a true patriot, Loesch made it a point to tip her hat to the men and women in blue who served her through the ordeal.

"Talked with officers about the aftermath of Dallas," she said. "Police double up to respond now. Their hearts are heavy. Still, they protect."

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