After five cops were targeted and assassinated by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer who “wanted to kill whites, especially white officers,” the feminists over at Lena Dunham’s news letter vilified, you guessed it, law enforcement.

In Tuesday’s dreadful rendition of Lenny Letter, editor-at-large Mikki Halpin says zero about cops being assassinated in Dallas, but does make it a point to vilify law enforcement, prop-up hate group Black Lives Matter, and pour out enough white guilt to make anyone in their right mind nauseous—white, black, or otherwise.

Halpin expresses sorrow over recent "horrors" and "injustices," alluding to the two fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, both of which are still under investigation for wrongdoing.

"[W]e need to protect our brothers and sisters and do all we can to stop the horrors and the injustices," she implores, "and that can feel like an insurmountable problem that we just throw anger and grief at and nothing ever changes."

Halpin relays to her feminist audience that she "copes" with this "grief" by "connecting" with the community. And by "connecting" with the community, she means holding those no-good, evil cops accountable for their inherently racist actions and helping blacks "survive" their interactions with them.

The feminists proudly says that she volunteers at her local Copwatch Patrol Unit so she can monitor and hold police officers "accountable." You know, like those five officer who were just murdered in cold blood for being white and wearing a blue uniform.

She’s a hero.

“I’m also joining our local Copwatch Patrol Unit, a group that teaches people their rights in police interactions — as well as techniques to survive those interactions,” she says. “Cop Watch Patrol Unit documents police interactions with civilians and holds the police accountable for their actions. I’ve worked with them before, when the police were harassing the black students at a high school nearby.”

She adds: “Honestly, I am not in much danger of being shot by a cop, but I do have the ability to support people and movements, and there is no better place to do it than in your own community.”

Of course, this narrative is all built on lies. Statistical evidence shows that whites are more likely to be shot by police officers than blacks, and a new study conducted by a Harvard professor found no racial bias in police shootings at all. Still, for the sake of narrative, feminists like Halpin and company press on.

She also emboldens Black Lives Matter—that group which has explicitly called for dead cops time and again.

"I show up to the rallies. I go and I scream and I shout and I march and I feel a connection with all my activist friends and those who are outraged along with me. I hope that everyone 'watching at home' will realize that there is a fight they can join. I support Black Lives Matter in every way I can," says Halpin.

And then the white guilt pours out of her. Halpin explains that, like a good white person, she doesn’t allow herself to speak about this issue on social media because she doesn’t have enough melanin in her skin to formulate an opinion, or something: "As a straight, cis, white person, I shut up on social media and support the voices of those being targeted and those whose lived experiences should be heard."

Lesson learned, feminists: When a Black Lives Matter sympathizer commits a hate crime against white cops, it's law enforcement’s fault. And those evil white people who think they’re allowed to speak on this issue.