Left-wing CNN invited a racial agitator from Black Lives Matter’s New York chapter to discuss her movement on Monday.

Responding to Rudy Giuliani’s recent description of the neo-Marxist movement as “racist” and “anti-American," the racial agitator, named Autumn Marie, described “All Lives Matter” as a racist slogan.

“Also, just the fact that [Giuliani] is reaffirming that all lives matters, which, in itself is a racist statement because it disregards the fact, and it pays, it gives no validity to the fact that we have around, that when you say all lives matter, we know that it is not uplifting the fact that black lives matter. We see time and time again that black lives do not matter, and so all lives will not matter until black lives matters. So until we see more equality, until we see more justice, that come out of these cases around the killings of black people, and we see them valued in the same ways as the killings of people of other descents, and white people, and police officers, then black lives do not matter by their stature.”

Earlier in the segment, Marie blamed Giuliani for increasing what she said were unjustified killings of blacks by police officers. “Broken windows” policing, she said, led to what she described as the unjustified killing of Eric Garner.

Asked to respond to Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s recent overtures to Black Lives Matter and affiliated demonstrators, Marie claimed the very existence of protests as justification for her movement's narratives.

"We would not need to be protesting if police officers were not killing us. There would be no need to protest. It is not our end goal nor is it our desire to be protesting for the rest of our lives as our ends."

Asked whether the vast majority of America's police officers operated honorably, Marie replied in the negative.

"It's not about the individual police officers. It is about the systemic oppression. It is about the systemic injustice of policing in this country. So, we need to really change that narrative because we continue to be asked about the good police officers. When we see almost eleven hundred people killed last year by police officers, then we have to ask, 'Is it really just a few bad apples?' When we're in July of the year, midway through the year, and we see almost five hundred and fifty people have been shot and killed this year by police officers, and those are the numbers that are reported that are killed, not even just the shootings, then we have to really ask, 'Does that sound like a few?' That doesn't sound like one, two, three, or four to me. That sounds like a larger problem. And we know that there's a larger systemic problem."

Despite what had happened in Dallas, Marie expressed her ongoing commitment towards racial agitation and calls for more federal control of law enforcement.

"We must continue to proclaim that we need justice. We were not responsible for what happened in Dallas. You know, unfortunately that happened, but we're not responsible for that. however, it is our responsibility to continue to make sure that we push for accountability and for justice in the killings of black people across this country."

Anchor Ana Cabrera refused to connect the politics of Black Lives Matters with those of Micah Xavier Johnson, the left-wing Dallas mass murderer. She also refused to connect rates of black criminality to rates of black deaths at the hands of police officers.

CNN has run at least one segment per hour on Monday featuring a neo-Marxist agitator aligned with Black Lives Matter.

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