Video: BLM Protests Baton Rouge Police HQ For 3rd Night In A Row, Get Arrested

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, like every police shooting that fits the Left's narrative during Obama's presidency, are tragically being used to agitate the powder-keg that already exists between communities of people lied to by their leaders and the media into believing that every person with a badge is on the hunt to kill them.

The result is exactly what the media and this administration wants and needed at this exact moment: take the focus off of Hillary's worst political week in her way too long career, no matter the cost. The cost by the way, just last week alone, is 11 Dallas police officers shot, 5 dead, and dozens more hurt across the country while combating violent protestors looking for confrontations.

Case in point, mobs of "activists" in Baton Rouge protesting outside of police headquarters for three nights in a row.

"Hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a third consecutive night of protests outside Baton Rouge police headquarters on Sunday night, following the deadly police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Police officers repeatedly ran at the protesters and used snatch squads to detain individual activists," the video's description explains.

Another Baton Rouge protestor made headlines for refusing to move out of the road when instructed by officers. Photogs snapped a shot of Ieshia Evans being arrested, and social media immediately claimed her "poise" was a statement that "will be in history and art books from this time."

What that picture leaves out of the story is that, according to the BBC, "The protests were not entirely peaceful - Louisiana's The Advocate newspaper said 102 people were arrested, with eight guns seized. One police officer lost several teeth after being hit by a projectile, it said."

The crazier aspect to all of this ginned up racial tension by the Left is that police forces aren't just made up of white cops. Every color and both sexes are represented throughout this country's law enforcement community at all levels, from police chiefs and county sheriffs down to bicycle cops and meter maids.

But none of that fits the narrative. So the liberal media stokes the fires and watches the country burn in hopes of making some money, pushing an agenda, and electing Hillary.

Hope and change indeed.

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