Black Militia Celebrates Shooting Of Dallas Cops

A black militia is celebrating the shooting of the police officers in Dallas, TX that occurred on Thursday evening.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Yafeuh Balogun, co-founder of the black militia called the Huey P. Newton Gun club, made a couple of Facebook posts that seemed to glorify the shooter, Micah X. Johnson.

On Thursday, Balogun wrote, "I have no remorse for the Dallas Police Officers shot downtown, it's about time." A couple of days later, he posted, "I will never disown the brother as most have...he shall be celebrated one day."

Johnson had reportedly attended numerous black community events in Dallas, and another co-founder, Bob Omowale, told Reuters that Johnson "was not a stranger to us."

"We don’t condone it, we don’t support it, but we understand it," Omowale said. "We can understand how the conditions of America today pushed that man to respond how he did. Every man and woman has his breaking point, and we just think Micah got to his breaking point before anyone else."

Reuters details some of the groups Johnson liked on Facebook:

On Facebook, Johnson "liked" the New Black Panther Party, the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, and the African American Defense League, which following Thursday night's shootings by calling for attacks on "everything in blue except the mail man."

Johnson, who posted anti-white messages on Facebook pages of some of the groups days before his attack, had also liked pages for affiliates of the Anonymous group and conspiracy-minded pages like “Illuminati Exposed Media.”

He also liked pages for the Black Lives Matter movement, which advocates peaceful protests against violence towards black people, appeared to have an interest in gun culture, and followed a tactical shooting page called “Guerrilla Approach.”

The African American Defense League has published posts calling for the murder of police officers.

Law enforcement officials are trying to determine Johnson's connection to the groups to see if their anti-police rhetoric had simply incited him or actually helped him coordinate the attack.

"I think it's safe to say we'll leave no stone unturned," Dallas police Deputy Chief Scott Walton told the Morning News.

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