VIDEO: Cop Being Shot At Point-Blank Range In Dallas

On Thursday night, five cops were murdered during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas. At least six other cops and one civilian were reportedly shot, and one suspect has committed suicide.

Amidst the chaos, a local Dallas news station, FOX 4, captured some of the horror on video. A police officer is seen attempting to neutralize a shooter, only to be tragically gunned down at point-blank range.

The officer is behind a pillar on the right side on the screen as the gunman approaches. Seconds later, the shooter moves in quickly on the officer from behind, shooting him multiple times at point-blank range.

Other horror was captured by protesters on location. The video below shows chaos ensue as the shooting first begins; dozens of shots are heard being fired.

The investigation is still pending and information of the terrorist attack is still being released. It is now the deadliest on an American police force since 9/11.

One day after Obama's rebuke of American law enforcement, the president condemned the attack in Dallas. Click Here to view his remarks.

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