Hillary Clinton: The OJ Simpson of National Security Violations

Throughout the past year the idea that Hillary Clinton would be indicted by the F.B.I. never once crossed my mind. Over time, as more and more information was revealed detailing her gross negligence, carelessness, and other various legal and ethical violations, that she should be indicted became painfully obvious. I just knew she never would be. For me at least, there was no suspense in this national drama. In fact, I hardly gave it a thought.

Back in 1995, I felt the exactly same way during the double-murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Unlike so many, I was not enthralled by that trial. But the news media sure was, and so, like Hillary's home-brewed server, it was impossible to not be aware of every twist and turn in the Trial of the Century. And as more information became available, especially the irrefutable DNA evidence, it was glaringly obvious that the Juice was in reality a narcissistic monster who had butchered two innocent people.

Nonetheless, that Simpson would get off scot-free was never in doubt. The media and political climate around and within the trial ensured a Social Justice outcome as opposed to a Rule of Law outcome. Anyone paying even marginal attention to the trial could see this. In the wake of the 1992 Rodney King beating and the riots that followed, the O.J. verdict was twisted into a referendum on everything but the evidence -- everything but truth and facts and right and wrong.

But at the time of his acquittal, even though some of America's Smart People tried to argue otherwise, everyone knew O.J. Simpson was guilty; so guilty in fact that no one takes seriously anyone today who argues otherwise.

And now Hillary Clinton is the O.J. Simpson of national security violations.

And always will be.

Although it was announced Tuesday that she escaped an F.B.I. indictment, everyone knows Hillary is guilty of putting her personal paranoia above her country's security, guilty of putting her secrecy above the lives and safety of agents in the field, guilty of the kind of crimes only Democrats protected by Social Justice Warriors can get away with.

Oddly enough it was the corrupt man who handed Hillary her Get Out of Jail Free card, F.B.I. Director James Comey, who proved her guilt just before handing her that card.

What's so fascinating about all of this is that the one and only time I started to believe Hillary might be brought to justice was during Comey's statement late Tuesday morning. For about 20 minutes, as he laid out the case against her, a case as open and shut as that 20 year-old DNA evidence, he made it sound as though he had no choice but to indict. But in the end, Comey was just trolling and things were returned to their natural state when he announced she was free to become president of the United States.

Like the Simpson trial, when it comes to Hillary (or any Democrat who is the only person between a Republican and power), Social Justice had to trump justice-justice. The current media and political climate demanded only one outcome for Hillary. There is simply no way in hell the presumptive-Democrat nominee for president will ever be indicted for anything.

Moreover, as soon as the mainstream media finds a shiny, ToddAkiney object to attack Donald Trump with, and this will happen within hours (if it hasn't already), the media will also protect her from paying any kind of political price. And any Republican who tries to make her pay that price will be attacked by the MSM for a public crime only Republicans are ever charged with: overreach.

Hey, relax, it's just the usual-usual -- the way of a corrupt and lawless government and media that grows more corrupt and lawless by the day.

But all this aside, we all know -- even those who will try and deny it (the media, Democrats) -- that a rigged system cannot reverse an incontrovertible truth: Hillary Clinton is as guilty as O.J. Simpson and that stain will dog Hillary through the 2016 campaign, and should she win the presidency, for however long she sits in the Oval Office.

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