Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Makes Headlines Again

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson once again defied political correctness, enraged the left, and made headlines this weekend in a speech at the Western Conservative Summit, an annual conservative event held in Colorado that featured the likes of Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, and the Daily Wire's own Ben Shapiro.

Among Robertson's topics was the "transgender bathroom" movement, which he made more than clear he wasn't getting behind.

"Now there’s grown men barging in on you ladies when you’re putting your Maybelline on," said Robertson.

"Here's a newsflash, you see this," he said, gesturing to his trademark beard. "This be male."

"All you ladies, you will never ever catch this cat coming up in your bathroom," he continued.

The audience loved it.

This isn't the first time Robertson has weighed in on the bathroom and "gender identity" debate. In May, he offered a "radical idea" on the issue, saying in a statement, "Men should use the men's bathroom and women should use the women's bathroom. Just because a man may 'feel' like a woman doesn't mean he should be able to share a bathroom with my daughter, or yours. That used to be called common sense. Now it's called bigoted."

Prior to his comments on transgender bathrooms at the summit, Robertson knocked the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling making same-sex marriage a constitutionally protected right.

"When you allow men to determine what’s right and what’s wrong, you get decisions like the five judges who said, 'I may not know we have 7,000 years of history of men marrying women — a male and a female. 'For that reason, they’ll leave their father and mother and cleave to one another and become one flesh.' I know it’s been that way for 7,000 years, but we know best for what’s everybody,'" he said.

Robertson also made a simple observation about the centrality of Jesus to Western history, which the liberal media is going apoplectic over.

“If your calendar is dated of all the human beings who have ever walked on the Earth, and your calendar is dedicated and predicated to just one of them, evidently something rather large went down,” said the Duck Dynasty patriarch (a line that the NY Daily News countered lamely by noting that many of the names of the months are based on the names of pagan gods).

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