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7 Biggest Lies Hillary Told In The Second Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton was on the defensive throughout Sunday night’s presidential debate, and she had to resort to constantly lying through her teeth in order to fend off Donald Trump’s scathing attacks on her horrendous records.

Here are the seven biggest lies Clinton told in the second presidential debate.

1. Hillary denied the claim her husband sexually abused women and that she enabled him to do so. Here is what Trump said with regard to Bill Clinton’s philandering ways:

If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse. Mine are words, and his was action. His was what he’s done to women. There’s never been anybody in the history politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women. So you can say any way you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women.

Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them here tonight. One of the women, who is a wonderful woman, at 12 years old, was raped at 12. Her client she represented got him off, and she’s seen laughing on two separate occasions, laughing at the girl who was raped. Kathy Shelton, that young woman is here with us tonight.

So don’t tell me about words. I am absolutely — I apologize for those words. But it is things that people say. But what President Clinton did, he was impeached, he lost his license to practice law. He had to pay an $850,000 fine to one of the women.

When given the chance to respond, Hillary Clinton said: “Well, first, let me start by saying that so much of what he’s just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses. He gets to decide what he wants to talk about. Instead of answering people’s questions, talking about our agenda, laying out the plans that we have that we think can make a better life and a better country, that’s his choice.”

Clinton then proceeded to bring up Trump’s other inane comments aimed at the Gold Star Khan family and his “Mexican” judge comment, a not-so-subtle way to deflect from Trump’s statement about her husband’s treatment of women.

As the Daily Wire has explained here and here, everything Trump said about how Clinton enabled her husband’s sexual escapades have been substantiated in multiple episodes by multiple women. Clinton allegedly threatened Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of raping her, to stay silent. Clinton smeared Gennifer Flowers as “trailer-trash” and Monica Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony toon,” all to insulate her husband from the accusations of infidelity, and in the case of Broaddrick, alleged rape.

As for the 12-year-old girl who was raped, Clinton did in fact defend her alleged rapist in 1975, and tore down the girl as “emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” Years after the trial was over, Clinton said that the alleged rapist “took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” and Clinton proceeded to cackle.

2. Hillary claimed there was zero evidence that her email server was hacked. “After a year-long investigation, there is no evidence that anyone hacked the server I was using and there is no evidence that anyone can point to at all — anyone who says otherwise has no basis — that any classified material ended up in the wrong hands,” Clinton said about her email server.

But as the Daily Wire has reported, the FBI did in fact conclude that Clinton’s email server was hacked, as “hostile foreign actors gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals with whom Clinton was in regular contact, and, in doing so, obtained emails sent to or received by Clinton on her personal account,” compromising highly sensitive information. Clinton herself even admitted in 2014 that foreign countries had tried to hack her server.

3. Hillary laughably claimed that she cares about classified material. “I take classified materials very seriously and always have,” Clinton said.

This is the kind of statement that would deserve a laugh-track if a played on a comedy show. Clinton set up a private email server that was unsecure and was clearly hacked, a blatant violation of federal law. The FBI’s files on the Clinton investigation revealed that “Clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined…[she] did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system” and that she even thought that “a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification.” In doing so, Clinton’s actions left Americans vulnerable to danger, as she put the family of an undercover agent at risk when the agent’s identity was exposed on her server. That is not how someone who is serious about protecting classified information would act.

4. Hillary said that she only deleted her personal emails off of her server. “It was personal e-mails, not official,” Clinton said in response to Trump bringing up her 33,000 deleted emails.

This is yet another lie from a habitual liar. According to the FBI, they “recovered from additional data sources and reviewed approximately 17,448 unique work-related and personal e-mails from Clinton’s tenure.” Additionally, it was later reported that the FBI found 30 emails related to Benghazi that Clinton deleted. Clearly, Clinton did not solely delete emails that discussed trivial matters like yoga and her daughter’s wedding.

5. Hillary tried to worm her way out of her husband’s criticisms on Obamacare. “He clarified what he meant,” Clinton said in an attempt to brush off an uncomfortable fact.

Here’s what Bill Clinton said about Obamacare on October 3:

Obamacare is “the craziest thing in the world,” said the current Democratic presidential nominee’s spouse. “You’ve got this crazy system where all of the sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

Here is the disgraced former president’s “clarification” on his Obamacare comments the next day:

“Look, the Affordable Health Care Act did a world of good, and the 50-something efforts to repeal it that the Republicans have staged were a terrible mistake,” Clinton said at a rally in Athens, Ohio. “We, for the first time in our history, at least are providing insurance to more than 90% of our people.”

“But there is a group of people — mostly small business owners and employees — who make just a little too much money to qualify for Medicaid expansion or for the tax incentives who can’t get affordable health insurance premiums in a lot of places. And the reason is they’re not in big pools,” Clinton said. “So they have no bargaining power.”

That’s not really a clarification; it’s more of Clinton trying and failing to revoke his previous comments about Obamacare being “the craziest thing in the world.” Hillary Clinton can’t escape the uncomfortable fact that her husband tore into Obamacare while she has been touting the disastrous healthcare law on the campaign trail.

6. Hillary insinuated that Trump would raise taxes on the middle class, and that she won’t. Both are false. “Indeed, the way that he [Trump] talks about his tax cuts would end up raising taxes on middle-class families, millions of middle-class families,” Clinton said. “Now, here’s what I want to do. I have said nobody who makes less than $250,000 a year — and that’s the vast majority of Americans as you know — will have their taxes raised, because I think we’ve got to go where the money is.”

However, as economist Stephen Moore, who helped design Trump’s tax plan, wrote in World Tribune, there is nothing in the tax plan that would result in raising taxes on the middle-class:

She obviously hasn’t read the tax plan. By design, the tax rate reductions for the rich are offset almost dollar for dollar by the loss of $250 billion a year in tax deductions for rich people. So, the overall tax burden of most millionaires and billionaires is not changed. Almost all of the benefit in dollar terms from the tax plan goes to the middle class (and owners of small businesses). We think they deserve a break after a decade that has wiped out financial savings of the middle class. With Obamacare premiums rising by 10 to 30 percent in many states this year, families need the tax cut desperately.

The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan organization, validates Moore’s assertions:

On a static basis, the Trump tax plan would increase the after-tax incomes of taxpayers in every income group. The bottom 80 percent of taxpayers (those in the bottom four quintiles) would see an increase in after-tax income between 0.8 percent and 1.9 percent, under both policy assumptions. Taxpayers in the top quintile would see a 4.4 percent increase in after-tax income under the higher-rate assumption, or 8.7 percent under the lower-rate assumption. Those in the top decile would see a 5.4 percent increase in after-tax income under the higher-rate assumption, or 9.3 percent under the lower-rate assumption. Finally, taxpayers in the top 1 percent would see the largest increase in after-tax income on a static basis, driven by both the lower top marginal tax rate and the lower corporate income tax. Under the higher-rate assumption this increase would be 10.2 percent, and under the lower-rate assumption this increase would be 16.0 percent.

On a dynamic basis, all taxpayers would see an increase in after-tax income of at least 6.7 percent under the higher-rate assumption, or 7.9 percent under the lower-rate assumption. The top 1 percent of taxpayers would see an increase in after-tax income of 12.2 percent on a dynamic basis under the higher-rate assumption, or 19.9 percent under the lower-rate assumption.

In other words, Americans across-the-board would see higher incomes after taxes are filed, which would not happen if Trump’s tax plan raised taxes on the middle class.

On the other hand, Clinton supports tax increases on the middle class. According to Americans for Tax Reform, these include:

  • An increase in the payroll tax.
  • Implementing a tax on soda.
  • A 25 percent tax on guns.
  • Doubling the excise tax on guns.
  • Implementing a tax on carbon.
  • Raising the death tax to 65 percent.

Clinton accusing Trump of raising taxes on the middle class is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

7. Hillary claims she respects the Second Amendment. “I respect the Second Amendment,” Clinton said toward the end of the debate.

This is blatantly false. As the Daily Wire has explained, Clinton is clearly a gun-grabbing leftist–she wants to sue gun manufacturers out of existence and wants to overturn DC v. Heller, neither of which is consistent with respecting the Second Amendment.

Quotes from the debate were provided by a transcript from Fortune.