After SCOTUS Ruling, Shapiro Eviscerates Pro-Abortion Argument On Kelly File

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro explained Monday morning, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that “the Constitution of the United States mandates that states not create health regulations that have the impact of making abortion less convenient for women seeking to kill their babies. The decision concerned two Texas regulations: one stating that doctors must have 'admitting privileges' at hospitals to perform abortions, and one stating that clinics must renovate to be considered “ambulatory surgery centers” … The Supreme Court said that such regulations are impermissible restrictions on a woman’s right to an abortion.”

On Monday night, Shapiro appeared on The Kelly File with guest host Martha McCallum and Fox News contributor Eboni Williams to engage in a debate about the ruling and the leftist celebration that followed it. Just as the day before with CNN’s Sally Kohn, Shapiro obliterated his opponent, in the process reducing the entire abortion argument to its essentials and stripping leftists’ argument for abortion from their self-perceived moral high ground.

McCallum began by noting the tweet from Trevor Noah of The Daily Show that encouraged people to travel to Texas and get pregnant.

McCallum then showed former senatorial candidate Wendy Davis chortling over the SCOTUS ruling, saying she was “overjoyed.” McCallum asked what her guests thought of the ruling and the reaction from some on the left to the ruling.

McCallum: Ben, what do you think?

Shapiro: I think, number one, Trevor Noah is slightly below bubonic plague on the funny scale, so it’s not really a shock that he’d come out with a tweet like that. This shouldn’t be a surprise; I think Trevor Noah kind of let loose what a lot of Democrats actually think, which is that there’s no reason abortion should be safe, legal and rare. The internal logic of that statement, the old Clinton formulation, doesn’t hold. If abortion is about aborting something that isn’t fully human, then why should it be rare? And if it is about aborting something that is human, then why exactly should it be legal? So the full-scale celebration that you see, the idea that abortion is actually birth control, that’s what most Democrats believe, including the Democratic Party platform, which, it was revealed today, calls for a destruction of literally all state and federal laws that restrict “access to an abortion” as well as public funding for abortion both home and abroad. They don’t believe abortion should be safe, legal and rare; they believe it’s just a form of birth control.

Williams agreed that the tweet was bad, but disagreed with Shapiro’s assertion that Democrats believed abortion was a form of birth control. McCallum then tried to mollify Williams, saying: “There were other pro-choice individuals who were saying they were horrified by some of these expressions by the one Trevor Noah put out.” Noticing Shapiro shaking his head, she asked, “You’re shaking your head, Ben, You don’t believe that?

Shapiro fired away: “Why. Yeah, why? I mean why was this disgusting?”

Williams interrupted, “I thought it was a disgusting claim. Because it was a celebration, and it kind of to me, underscored the point you made, Ben, I think it’s a sad and disgusting point that anyone in this country would view abortion as a method of birth control.”

Shapiro responded, “But why would you object to that? If you don’t think the child is fully human then why would you care? You don’t care if someone has a polyp removed.”

Williams protested, “First of all, nobody said that. I think that you’re connecting dots that I’ve certainly not stated, that to be pro-choice –“

Shapiro pressed, ”If the child is fully human, then why are you okay with aborting it?”

Williams then segued to Marco Rubio’s position that mothers and children both have rights. She asserted, “I’m certainly someone who believes the child, the unborn child, has rights. I believe that the mother has rights; I simply happen to be a person, and some believe, that those mothers’ rights deem to usurp those rights. But certainly it’s not to disrespect, it’s not to disrespect –“

McCallum interrupted, “Final thought, Ben.”

Shapiro, bluntly: “In what world would any of my rights allow me to kill another human being?”

Having no cogent response, Williams played the gender card, “Well, Ben, again, you’re not a woman.”

Shapiro: “So what?”

Williams pontificated: “As a woman, it is my position that a woman has a right to dictate the choices around her body. But that is not to ignore, or take away the rights of any unborn child.”

Shapiro pointed out: “I’m not a slave holder either. That doesn’t mean I get to let slaveholders define what constitutes property and what constitutes a human being.”

Williams, missing the point entirely and resorting to being snide: “Thank goodness you’re not a slaveholder, Ben. That’s good news. I’m really glad to hear that.”

Shapiro calmly finished Williams off: “No, the point that I’m making, if you’d let me finish the sentence, the point that I’m making is that the greatest moral problem in society historically is the idea that you get to arbitrarily define what is human and what is not based on your own convenience.”

Video below:

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