Sorry, Ladies. Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner Proves Men Are Even Superior At Being Women.

Sorry, gals. It appears that the case against sexism has taken a serious body blow: according to the media, men are even better at being women than you are.

How else to interpret the news that Glamour magazine has given its “Woman Of The Year” to a full biological man with full male genetics and an intact set of male genitalia, Caitlyn Jenner? Jenner has never been a woman; he wouldn’t know what it’s like to be a woman, given that he is short not merely some of the requisite parts, but all of them. He has only been “living as a female” for a couple years, about the same amount of time as my 21-month-old daughter – the only differences being that my daughter is actually not mentally ill and is also an actual biological female.

Nonetheless, Glamour found Caitlyn nee Bruce meritorious enough to be one of America’s greatest women, following in the hallowed footsteps of fellow man with a surgery Laverne Cox. Glamour awards its “Woman of the Year” to those who “helped empower and inspire women this year.”

It should be a bit embarrassing to the ladies at Glamour that they have to leave it to the men to empower and inspire them. It turns out that by Glamour’s standards, men are better at being women at just about everything: they’re everything from better athletes (Fallon Fox would beat up Ronda Rousey because Fallon Fox is a dude) to better CEOs (Martine Rothblatt is a dude and the highest paid “female” CEO in the United States).

Or, perhaps, women are great at what they do in their own right, and don’t need men showing them how to be women, because all of this is nonsense. Perhaps women are women and men are men, no matter how much some men may want to masquerade as women, or get surgery to attempt an impossible transformation. Perhaps women don’t need to use men as role models, because women can be role models for women.

Either that, or women had better get ready for “former” men to show them how to do their jobs – at least according to the ridiculously politically correct media.


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