Report: People Are Put On The Terror Watch List To Fulfill Quotas

A new report suggests that federal officials are placing people on the terror watchlist for no other reason than to fulfill a quota.

7News, an ABC affiliate in Denver, CO, reports that anonymous air marshals told them that they're required to submit at least one Surveillance Detection Report (SDR) in order to get a bonus or a raise.

An unidentified air marshal told reporter Tony Kovaleski that there are numerous instances where air marshals engage in "creative writing -- stretching a long ways the truth" to justify putting someone on the list.

For instance, an SDR was filed against a passenger for simply taking a photo of the Las Vegas skyline:

One example, according to air marshals, occurred on one flight leaving Las Vegas, when an unknowing passenger, most likely a tourist, was identified in an SDR for doing nothing more than taking a photo of the Las Vegas skyline as his plane rolled down the runway."

You're saying that was not an accurate portrayal of a potential terrorist activity?" Kovaleski asked.

"No, it was not," an air marshal said.

"It was a marshal trying to meet a quota ..." Kovaleski said.

"Yes, he was," the air marshal replied.

The consequences of this are real for innocent passengers who have done nothing wrong, according to Don Strange, former agent who led air marshals in Atlanta, GA.

"They could be placed on a watch list," Strange said. "They could wind up on databases that identify them as potential terrorists or a threat to an aircraft. It could be very serious."

While the Air Marshal Service denies the allegation and points to a 2004 memo that doesn't require quotas, Las Vegas air marshals maintain that quotas of SDRs are expected for them and claim to have documents proving it.

Maybe people, like former Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and Weekly Standard journalist Stephen Hayes, were all put on the terror watch list to meet a quota.

If these allegations are true, innocent people would be denied their Second Amendment right to a firearm under the Democrats' gun-control proposal, a measure they want to implement so badly they were willing to sit on their butts eating catered food to get it done.


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