VIDEO: Hillary Proves She’s A Robot

Everyone has long suspected that the ridged, pantsuit-rocking presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a robot, but this latest video is hard proof.

Unable to differentiate between human expressions of emotion and words she’s supposed to echo back to her un-enthused crowd, Hillary actually read the word “Sigh” off a teleprompter at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday. Whereas, a real person would simply sigh...like a human.

See the malfunction below:

The former secretary of state was punching back at her rival, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, first defending the totally above-board Clinton Foundation, then her deep Christian faith...

"All he can do is he's trying to distract us," Hillary told the crowd. "That's even why he's attacking my faith." She then took the world's most awkward pause before reading her emotional cue: "Sigh."

Hillary's Ron Burgundy-esque moment (I...am...Hillary Clinton…?) underscores how deeply robotic she really is.

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro once said, "Hillary Clinton is more robotic than anybody in the history of presidential politics. You can almost hear the 'beeps' and the 'boops' emanating from her mouth every time she talks."

He's not far off.

Another revealing moment of her robotic nature was when the former First Lady attempted to dance on The Ellen Show, (this one was painful):

Or my personal favorite, that time Hillary desperately tried to convince us all that she was a "real person."

Sure you are, Hillary. Sure you are...


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