Celebrities, who are afforded armed security and often use guns as props during performances, are apparently annoyed at the outrageous reality that we peasants still have our Fifth and Second Amendment rights. So they're trying to change that through their massive influence.

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack carried out by a radical Muslim reportedly on behalf of ISIS, more than 200 brave celebrities—including Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cher, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Paul McCartney and Ellen DeGeneres—signed an open letter to Congress demanding more gun control.

No mention of radical Islam has slipped out of their mouths, of course.

The letter, which was posted by Billboard on Thursday, demands increased background checks and a “block [of] suspected terrorists from buying guns.”

“Music always has been celebrated communally, on dancefloors and at concert halls," reads the letter. "But this life-affirming ritual, like so many other daily experiences — going to school or church or work — now is threatened, because of gun violence in this country.

“The one thing that connects the recent tragedies in Orlando is that it is far too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns," the letter continues.

Of course, banning American citizens on the so-called terror watchlist (which has named innocent journalists, congressmen, infants and an 8-year-old Cub Scout) from buying a gun first means taking away their Constitutional right to due process.

But these celebrities, much like Democratic representatives, can't be bothered by silly things like the Constitution. They have virtue signaling to do.

Some celebs known for their intense knowledge of guns weighed-in on Twitter as well.

The always-charming Amy Schumer:

Policy-wonk Britney Spears:

All-brawn and no-brains Chris Evans:

Yeah, guys, relax. Democrats don’t want to take away your guns, they want to strip you of due process then take away your guns.

The bravery from these celebrities is truly unparalleled.

Take Lady Gaga for instance. She’s sick and tired of the media glamorizing guns.

Enough is enough.

Yes, hypocrisy remains alive and well in Hollywood.