To the average person $1.3 million is a lot of money. However, when that’s all the cash a presidential campaign has on hand 5 months before election day, it’s, frankly, embarrassing.

Yesterday’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings showed that this paltry sum is all that the Trump campaign has on hand, while the Clinton campaign has $42 million ready to spend. That is quite a disparity. The chasm, it is safe to say, is wide. How wide is it, though, in terms of buying power? Below are some helpful comparisons.


Donald Trump’s campaign could afford a sweet 691 square foot condo on the upper west side featuring one bedroom and one bathroom. That is decidedly un-yuge.

The Clinton campaign, on the other hand, can score a condo nearly ten times the size in the same building. With 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, the campaign could also have friends come to visit (maybe some of those donors could use a vacation).


The Trump campaign will be pretty well tapped buying this 7-acre island off of British Columbia where they can strategize and chill (probably literally).

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign will be sipping margaritas on the beach on their 86-acre private island off of Greece with $3 million left over to spend on ugly horrible pantsuits and overpriced Armani muumuus.


Donald Trump’s luxurious hair will be blowing in the wind as captain of Sea Tiger, a 120 footer built in 1987. Aside from his stateroom, he’ll be able to offer staterooms for three guests and three cabins for crew.

The Clinton campaign will be taking 11 friends to her private island on the 203-foot Apogee. Built in 2005, the 22-foot bar is modeled after the Cafe de Paris in Monaco and, if the circular staircase isn’t your thing, there’s an elevator to take guests (there's room for twelve) between her five decks. With room for 17 crew, there will always be someone available to help you back up your e-mails. Or get you a drink, whatever.


A classic car can be a great investment, and Trump can get behind the wheel of a 1927 Bentley. It's a cool car, and he can't be mad about that. Actually, he probably can — he strikes me as a guy who prefers a little more flash.

We hear the phrase "Clinton Machine" a lot, but most of us never realized that referred to a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa. I've gotta say, I didn't see that coming.


Eight Trumpers can ride in style on this private plane built in 1998. The interior was just redone last year in light beige leather. Feel the luxury.

For $40 million, the Clintons could have pretty much whatever custom plane they wanted. Maybe they'll want to take a page from Beyonce and Jay-Z and get something like this $40 million private plane Bey got her man for Father's Day. That plane has room for 15 passengers and also boasts a kitchen and two bathrooms.

So, there you have it. The buying power of these campaigns could hardly be more different, and Trump better find some cash fast if he wants to stay in the game. If money talks, these campaigns aren’t even in the same conversation.