Gun Expert Kim Kardashian Calls For Gun Control

Kim Kardashian has parlayed her sex-tape into reality TV stardom, fashion-icon status, and now, Constitutional expert in the areas of due process and the right to bear arms.

In a recently posted tweet rant, the 35-year-old wife of Kanye West blasted out what she believes was the root cause of the terrorist shooting in Orlando and unsurprisingly, it wasn't radical Islam. Insead, she was pointing her finger at...

The Twittersphere kindly tried to educate Caitlin "Bruce" Jenner's ex-step daughter:

In fact, Kardashian did just that and returned to her selfie-obsessed ways...

But not before she posted her disappointment in the Senate for not passing more gun control measures.

Exit thought from legendary actor, conservative, and Twitter champion Nick Searcy:

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