Pastor Bobby Wright of Back to the Bible Holiness Church in Buford, Georgia woke up Monday morning to a vandalized sign, covered in black paint.

The message posted on the church marquee that was blacked out by vandals was directed at transgender and gay people, whom, the sign declared, were “made” by Satan.

“God created man and woman; Satan made gays & transgender Gen 5:2,” read the sign, a message which had been posted for about three weeks before being vandalized.

Wright told the Gwinnett Daily Post that he doesn’t regret displaying the anti-gay and transgender message. He also “questioned” what the vandal was upset over, since “gays and transgender people weren’t called a ‘nasty name.’”

He added that those who vandalized the sign should come to his church to “discuss the issue instead of spray-painting an inanimate object.” (He probably shouldn't hold his breath.)

Wright said that what he believes and preaches in the church is ultimately not his opinion, but what "God gave me" and what he interprets the Bible as saying.

“If you are transgendered or gay, your lifestyle is sinful, that’s a moral thing,” said the pastor. “It’s a perversion against nature. … That’s your lifestyle and you’re trying to force it. This part of society is not going to be forced on.”

Wright, who has pastured the church for 20 years, explained that his most recent message—which was vandalized—was one theme from this spring. His two past signs read: “Matt 19:5 Marriage is between man and woman Gen 2:24,” and “Same sex marriage is sin/filthy.”

The pastor, who remains unapologetic about the sign, encouraged other Christians to speak the truth and stray from being “politically correct.”

Wright suspects that the vandalism to his church was perpetrated by someone outside of the area.

“I would be totally surprised if it was someone from Buford,” he said.

The pastor has reportedly spoken out against President Obama in the past, notes the GDP, partially pertaining to same-sex marriage and the new “gender identity” bathroom edict forced on school’s nationwide by the administration.