Watch Democrat Senator Tell Reporter: Americans Must 'Prove Their Innocence'

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat who's been in office since 1992, told PBS News Hour that due process doesn't exist for some citizens and they must "prove their innocence" if they wish to purchase a gun.

Reminder, this woman was Chairman of the Senate "Intelligence" Committee.

"Omar Mateen, as you know, was not on a watch list in the most recent past so he wouldn't have been prevented from buying a weapon," the host tells Feinsten." But second of all, the argument that many of your Republican colleagues have made about this is that there is still the potential that people who are innocent are on a watch list and they would be prevented from buying a gun."

Feinstein shrugs off the constitutionally protected right to due process with a huff, "Well, (ha), then you can petition and prove that you're innocent and get off of the watch list."

Feinstein's proposed bill, which both presumptive presidential nominees support, would effectively strip away the 2nd Amendment rights of any Americans wrongfully placed on the terror watch list, flipping on its head the essential concept of "innocent until proven guilty."

Feinstein's flippant dismissal of due process, The Libertarian Republic's Keith Farrell points out, "throws centuries of Western progress on human rights out the window and establishes a draconian police state where guilt is presumed by virtue of suspicion." The bill, he writes, "is tyranny writ large," something Feinstein and her authoritarian cronies would love to impose on the American people.

"Ironically, both Feinstein and the bill’s champion, Chris Murphy, come from states that suffered mass shootings despite heavy gun ownership regulations — California and Connecticut," notes Farrell.

Exit thought from Feinstein in her Halloween Wonka costume...

And when it's gone...


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