Trump's FEC Filing: Hey, GOP, The Yuge Yoke Is On You (11 Facts You Should Know)

What have we learned after the results of Donald Trump’s FEC filing were made public?

Lots and lots of things which should make it clear Trump isn’t serious about winning the presidency; the historic inability of the candidate to raise money leaves the GOP in a precarious position hovering over a chasm of electoral disaster unless the party awakens and jettisons the con man who is their prospective nominee. Here are 11 facts you need to know from the FEC filing and comparing it to other filings:

1. In May, Trump raised a paltry $3.1 million. By contrast, in May 2012, Mitt Romney raised $78 million. Trump finished the month with a puny $1.3 million cash on hand; Hillary Clinton raised $27 million in May, and was left with $42 million on hand.

2. The Trump campaign paid 20% of its campaign spending in May, $1.1 million, to firms he owns and for travel reimbursements for his children.

3. The Trump campaign spent $432,000 renting out Trump’s own resort, Mar A Lago.

4. Senior Trump aides made $20,000 each in May, totaling $240,000 in salary.

5. Trump’s priorities? Check this out: in May, the campaign spent $208,000 on HATS, as opposed to $115,000 on online advertising, $48,000 on data management, and $38,000 on communications consulting.

6. Trump spent $543,000 on website development/digital consulting in May.

7. Trump paid Tag Air $349,000. Trump owns Tag Air.

8. The Trump campaign has $1.3 million on hand and is $45.7 million in debt.

9. The Trump campaign spent $737,059.96 at Trump-owned businesses in May; $1.37 million of the recipients from the Trump campaign have "Trump" in their name.

Now that donors are going cold, Trump sure has pulled a YUGE yoke on the party.

10. Trump had $1.3 million cash on hand at the end of May; Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race on May 3, has $6.8 million on hand; Cruz raised $2.7 million during May. Bernie Sanders raised $16.4 million in May.

11. The FEC filing shows Trump as being paid by the campaign, for some reason that is not clear.

Trump, always threatening he can self-fund, has pulled a fast one on the GOP, which counted on him to do just that. Now that donors are going cold, Trump sure has pulled a YUGE yoke on the party.

But somehow it doesn't seem as if anyone's laughing.


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