BOOK: Hillary Called Disabled Children ‘Ree-Tards’ and Called Jews ‘K***s,’ Bill Called Jesse Jackson N-Word

According to a new book by an ex-lover of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, as well as her husband, were equal-opportunity racists as well as people who disparaged mentally challenged children.

The Daily Mail reports that Hillary: The Other Woman, authored by Dolly Kyle, who claims she knew Bill Clinton since she was eleven years old, later dating him in high school and becoming his lover after they graduated, relates various instances in which Hillary and Bill Clinton’s verbiage was extremely offensive. Some of her anecdotes include:

1. When Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, developmentally challenged children participating in an Easter egg hunt on the grounds of the governor's mansion had difficulty in picking up the eggs. Kyle writes, “The frustrated Me-First Lady demanded, ‘When are they going to get those f*****g ree-tards out of here?"'

2. Kyle claims the Clintons called the Reverend Jesse Jackson, “That G**damned n****r.” Kyle also states that the Clintons used the same epithet for Robert “Say” McIntosh, a leading black advocate in Arkansas when Bill was governor. Kyle has claimed Bill Clinton used the n-word since 1999.

3. Kyle says Hillary used the epithets “stupid k**e” and “f***ing Jew b*****d.” The anti-Semitic charges are also old news; The Guardian reported in 2000 of Hillary, “A book out today claims that 26 years ago she called Paul Fray, her husband's campaign manager at the time, a "fucking Jew bastard.”

The claims above from Kyle’s books are generally not new, but it certainly won’t help the Clintons that they are being brought before the public again.


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