“You don’t have a constitutional right to come to America,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) in response to a line of questioning from left-wing CNN’s Dana Bash about Donald Trump’s immigration proposals relating to Muslims.

Some strands of Islam, said Sessions, amount to ideologies “that go beyond normal religion.”

“We do not have to admit people" who support killing homosexuals and apostates, said Sessions.

Bash implied that such a proposal would not prevent Islamic terrorism, highlighting the fact that Islamic terrorists Omar Mateen, Nidal Hasan, and Syed Farook were all born in America. Forgotten by Bash was that all the aforementioned murderers were born to Muslim immigrant parents from Muslim-majority countries. Also ignored was Farook’s accomplice, his wife Tashfeen Malik, a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan.

“The killer in Orlando, the Fort Hood shooter, the San Bernardino shooter. They were all American. They were born in America,” challenged Bash.

“Well, their parents came here with an ideology and it seemed to have impacted them,” said Sessions, adding that Mateen’s father was openly supportive of the Taliban.

“We can’t admit everybody in the world,” replied Sessions, calling for a recalibration of immigration and refugee policies to focus on persons who can “harmoniously” prosper in America.

Sessions called for identified patterns between national origin and Islamic terrorism to be integrated into immigration and refugee admission policies. Moves to “tighten” the flow of persons from countries identified as higher-risk for the exporting of Jihad, said Sessions, would serve the nation's national security interests.

Bash has never asks left-wing and/or Democrat guests about protecting the homeland from Islamic terrorism as it related to Muslim immigrants or their descendants.

CNN presents itself as an objective news outlet, still describing itself as “the most trusted name in news.”

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