WATCH: Media Bias At Muslim Migrant Camp Exposed

Selecting the handful of children living at a migrant camp in Calais, France, left-wing media seek to emotionally manipulate their audiences to support the flow of millions of Muslims into Europe and the broader West.

On assignment in Europe, Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern took a moment to capture left-wing reporters and camera crews in action. Despite the overwhelming majority of the migrant camp’s residents being adult males, left-wing media deliberately focused on children.

“My entire time I was here, I was walking through for hours and hour, I saw probably 4 kids. 4 kids, and mainly six women.”

“They’re bringing all the kids, the only kids in the camp to go and interview, right now. Literally the only kids I saw in the camp are over there being interviewed,” said Southern, laughing.

Southern’s camera-operator then turned to show the real faces of the camp, grown men from Afghanistan and Sudan.

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